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April 2018

Smashing Creator Of The Month

Highlighting the best creators on YouTube

SuperHero Game Squad

SuperHero Game Squad (SHGS) burst onto the scene in September of 2017, and have quickly risen to the top of the "Small" YouTube content creator community. Riff, the star of the show, brings a powerful, unique and FUN approach to every single episode.
While their episodes are always a blast to watch, the SHGS talent truly shines during their live streams. Trivia, game shows and entertainment are always a good time, but SHGS takes it to the next level. Not only does Riff try his best to read every comment (in which sometimes, there are a LOT to sift through), he keeps the action moving, with wild skits, singing, cheering, and, yes, even tazing.

Positivity and charisma flows through him like Link grasping the Triforce of Power. It truly is a scene to behold, making viewers not want to miss what happens next!
SHGS is an easy choice for Channel of the Month. If you aren't already subscribed - You're missing out on an up and coming INCREDIBLE channel!
Congratulations, Riff, Mikey, and the entire team over there at SHGS. Keep up the great job!

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