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August 2019

Smashing Creator Of The Month

Highlighting the best creators on YouTube



Jluv81 is a passionate retro game enthusiast and a leader for the small YouTube community. constantly focusing on the ’positives’ in gaming, creating a welcoming environment for anyone to feel comfortable kicking back and watching retro game goodness. she has been highlighted by Jon Riggs, and even featured at the end of an Angry Video Game Nerd episode! Jen is well on her way to becoming the de facto go-to channel for what’s happening in the world of retro gaming!

In addition to involving the community in videos and talking about some fantastic gaming memories, she livestreams classic NES and even hacked ROMs. switching it up and keeping it unique to her style, Jluv81 is an easy choice for the SMASHING Creator of the Month. Even the community agrees, via a poll on twitter that she won. Not just popular because shes friendly, but popular because shes passionate.

Give her channel a shot. You don’t even know what you’ve been missing!

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