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November 2019

Smashing Creator Of The Month

Highlighting the best creators on YouTube

Overthink Gaming


Overthink Gaming has been causing quite a stir in the video game commentary scene. He has an abrasive approach. One that doesn't ask forgiveness and takes no prisoners. I've even referred to him more than once as 'The Steamroller'. Jason can often be misunderstood by the gaming community, and has faced quite a bit of backlash (to be expected) for his harsh takes... But there's something about him that's special. Something that shows a bright future. He does good research and is quick to cover situations that no one else seems to discuss... Until his videos are out. A trend-setter and original voice, Jason is a refreshing change of pace on the YouTube platform. He's improved tremendously over the past couple months and if this keeps up, the sky is truly the limit for him. Instead of hating on him, many YouTubers could learn a thing or two on improving their own content for the better.
Congratulations, Jason, for being the Smashing Creator of the Month for November 2019!

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