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July 2018

Smashing Creator Of The Month

Highlighting the best creators on YouTube

Super Nicktendo

Super Nicktendo was first introduced to Smash JT during one of the channel help sessions. From the very beginning, he showed something special. His passion for gaming is only trumped by his passion for making interesting and entertaining video game videos. Over the past few months his quality of content has made gigantic leaps, and is on the path to some serious YouTube success.
On top of creating unique videos, like "Collectability Forecast", he also has had his first major hit video "How Metal Jesus Rocks Affects Retro Video Game Prices". MJR even came to the channel to comment on how awesome of a job he did putting it together.
Super Nicktendo also is a dedicated and talented writer, creating weekly content to soak up here on Smash JT. Always professionally written and taking an interesting angle, he knows how to completely engage the reader.
Thank you Nick, for your hard work and dedication. It's already starting to pay off!

Congratulations, Super Nicktendo, on being selected as the July 2018 Creator of the Month!

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