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August 2018

Smashing Creator Of The Month

Highlighting the best creators on YouTube

Rob Rule of 2 Review


I first bumped into Rob during a Spawnwave Spawncast live stream. His perspective on gaming that night forced me to pay attention, and have followed him closely ever since.
From a distance, a newcomer to his channel may view his video thumbnails with long lengths as somewhat 'intimidating' in this age of instant gratification; but after witnessing first hand how in depth and controlled his discussions are focused, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.
A big fan of Metroid and all things Nintendo, Rob also speaks to gaming news/trends and even goes into real life and YouTube. His channel is his baby and he really gives 100% commitment to each video topic he presents.

Heavily researched and strong opinions, Rob is closing in on 10k subscribers. There's a good reason he's reached such a high subscriber base in such a competitive field.

Check him out!


Ro2R Facebook:

Twitter: @Ruleof2Review:

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