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September 2018

Smashing Creator Of The Month

Highlighting the best creators on YouTube



"Hello! I'm so happy I got a hold of you!"

LuciousShowcase, AKA Lucious T, AKA SMASH LT first appeared before my eyes during a Smash JT Channel Help livestream. He immediately made a great impression and has only gotten better in the months that followed.

Mixing snarky comedy with genuine feelings on gameplay, he does an incredible job of balancing entertainment with information. I genuinely look forward to each video he posts on Tuesdays, focusing mostly on retro titles, in his series called "The Backlog", but he also has "Retro Active", and new game commentaries to boot!
Car salesman by day, INCREDIBLY underrated YouTuber by night, Lucious is proof of incredible talent lost in the sea of YouTubers. The algorithm may fight against his videos, but that hasn't prevented him from pushing forward, continuing to cover what he loves.

Congratulations SMASH LT on being names September's Smashing Creator of the Month!

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