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Apr 15, 2018

Shift from physical to digital - imminent?


As was inevitable, word is that the industry is likely going to be moving towards a digital-only download direction in the next console generation or two. This means that you can only download a game onto your new video game system instead of buying it at the store. The video game system is not going to have a disc drive or some kind of cartridge reader. This obviously has many advantages such as cutting out any distributor, not paying for any physical media itself, the shipping costs, store returns, etc. I am just wondering though, what about people who do not have internet access at speeds that lets them download the games? Game sizes are only going to increase.


The bigger question is, does this really make sense for the industry or a specific console maker? Sense as in profit-wise. I actually know homes in which kids and adults live where there is no computer. Sure they have cellphones but no computer or internet BUT they DO have video game consoles at the same time. Removing this segment of the consumer base would hurt companies' pockets I'd say...but enough to offset the costs of what it takes to sell to them?

Apr 16, 2018

I've attempted to cover this in a few videos but it's a far reaching topic with lots of ins and outs. I'd say ultimately, that the industry is moving towards a digital only sales approach, but there will always be a market for those who do not have access. I feel like going forward, future revisions of consoles will come with and without a disc drive. Based off sales of those, the manufacturer will decide if it makes sense to go completely in one direction, or keep both models available going forward. I think my generation (can only speak for my age here - 36 years old) will always hold on tight to physical media. Future generations? I'm not so sure....

Great topic!

The way that the video games are going digital could be what's to come, I would hope they would look to the gaming communities and see that physical is still in demand. As long as physical is still available that would be my preferred option. But I do have a capable computer to hold a pretty good amount of digital games so its kind of in between for me. Hopefully like JT said that option to go strictly digital and or physical feature for future games it would be a shame not to have it.

Apr 18, 2018

You can definitely see a shift in the focus on digital release. I think that we will continue to see the main triple A titles in a physical format because in retail, there is always that impulse purchaser. The triple A devs have the money to market and advertise their games well, so they will always be visible to the public, and little Jimmy and Suzy will be tugging at Grandma's sleeve to buy these games when they see them in the store. Right now, we have seen a lot of smaller developers release games physically, but eventually it may not be cost effective for them to produce a physical version.


With that said though, we have seen an increase in shelf space at the store where they have just download code cards on peg hooks for both movies and games...hopefully this trend doesn't completely take over.

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