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Mar 18

What is the Worse Game You Played Via Friend Recommendation?


Something random I was thinking about recently...


What is the worse game that you played after being told by a friend it was good? Or a game that a friend suggested you played that you thought was HORRIBLE...


For me, it was probably Naughty Bear... Was told that I should play it cause it would make me laugh with its ridiculousness.... But no........ It was one of the worst games I've ever played. Not fun, not funny, not good, and left a bad taste in my mouth... practically ruined the day... Had to wash it all out with a random series of matches in Street Fighter 4...


Any bad ones y'all can think of and share???


--- JJ

For me it was ‘To The Moon’.

My buddy said it was amazing..

It was just a paint by number book. Go here, read text, go there, read more. I was expecting an RPG but it was just a long text adventure. Music is stellar but gameplay was lacking.

Might never want to take recs from them again, lol. False advertising there!

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