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Apr 17, 2018


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There doesn't seem to be one of these threads so I thought I'd start one if that's alright JTSmash. Everyone come say hello, tell us a little bit about yourself, anything you fancy. I'll start us off...


Hi, my name is Paul and it's no great surprise by my username that I'm from Liverpool. I've got 3 daughters, I love gaming (obviously), film, an insanely wide variety of music and reading.


Favourite Film = American History X

Favourite Book = Shogun by James Clavell


I've got a Youtube channel where I do complete playthroughs of games old and new, everything from Battletoads and TMNT on the NES to Dark Souls and Cuphead. I don't do the whole annoying shouty thing, I'm just a pretty chilled out guy, playing and chatting about some great games.


My name is Simon a.k.a. Kameleo, I'm a thirty-something year old dude playing video games since the NES era. I have great wife and two kids that let me enjoy my passion for gaming.

I play almost exclusively old games, but sometimes a new one once in a while. I like my games with rich stories and characters.

I'm a big fan of SNES and old pc games.

Favorite games are Deus Ex, System Shock 2, Final Fantasy 6, Baldur's Gate among many others...many...

I've got a fairly recent YouTube channel were I share my love of SNES games with a series that reviews them all in order of release.

I also live stream very regularly retro games, I don't play them for fun, well... ok, but the objective is to show you games I love and that most don't know about.

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