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Apr 14, 2018

Metroidvainia games in 2018


This is a video that I did about a month ago on Metroidvainia titles to look out for later this year. Me being such a small channel, I never thought that I would see this kind of attention from a single video and its continuing to grow. I'm glad that I was able to shed some light on some Indie titles that people haven't heard of yet. I figured that I would share it with you guys if you are interested and appreciate any feedback given.


Apr 14, 2018

Good video. I'm a huge SOTN fan and I've been playing a lot of indie games on PC lately, so these are things I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for!



Apr 14, 2018

Thanks Joe! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Apr 15, 2018

Killed it! Sub'd! I'd recommend raising the camera up higher when filming yourself, and keep working on your voice/confidence levels during the readovers. It feels like it waivers a tad throughout-- but it's an awesome start. I can tell you put a lot of work into this video and it turned out great! I'm a big fan of Metroidvania games and never heard of Forsaken Castle. Looks really fun. Thanks for sharing this on the site!

I'll check those out, eventually (too many games to play), love me some metroidvania games!

Apr 15, 2018

@Retro Gaming Junction

Lol ain't that the truth. I'm literally swimming in a backlog right now 😂.

Apr 16, 2018

Good stuff. Great idea for a video. No advice like JT but his is always good.

Apr 17, 2018

@Bryan Trusty

Indeed it is. Its thanks to watching SmashJT's videos of helping other fellow content creators that I'm able to improve on my own vids. I value his advice for sure. Thanks for watching man.

Appreciate the video Starlink! I just added those games to my huge list of steam games I wish to get later on down the line.

Apr 17, 2018


Awesome! I'm glad I was able to contribute in some way lol. I have a growing steam wish list myself that its gotten kinda crazy over the years haha.

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