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A Closer Look At Jirard The Completionists Golf Tournament and Open Hand Foundations Financials

A Closer Look At Jirard The Completionists Golf Tournament and Open Hand Foundations Financials
It's all good in the hood!

In the world of charity and philanthropy, transparency and trust are paramount. However, a closer examination of the PBD West Golf Tournament and its relationship with the Open Hand Foundation raises several questions regarding financial reporting and the actual impact of fundraising efforts.

The Open Hand Foundation's Involvement

The Open Hand Foundation, supposedly known for its commitment to Frontotemporal Dementia, officially became a nonprofit in 2014, despite claims on its website of leading fundraising efforts since 2003. This discrepancy in dates is the first in a series of inconsistencies that emerge upon scrutiny.

Financial Puzzles in Fundraising

The PBD West Golf Tournament, as of 2015, began officially supporting the Open Hand Foundation. Publicly available tax documents from the Open Hand Foundation between 2014 and 2017 reveal a total of approximately $165,000 raised, averaging just under $42,000 per year. However, in 2019, the golf tournament reportedly raised only $14,000, a significant decline from the average.

But It Gets Worse...

The financial irregularities become more pronounced in later years. According to the tax returns, the 2021 PBD West Golf Tournament went on as normal, yet according to tax filings, did not raise any funds for the Open Hand Foundation. This zero-income report starkly contrasts with the event's previous fundraising successes, leading to suspicions of underreporting.

A Closer Look At Jirard The Completionists Golf Tournament and Open Hand Foundations Financials
Jirard's Dad owns this company and they put the Golf Tournament on

The situation with Jirard The Completionist's dad, Charles Khalil, and his company PBD West, which is behind the PBD West Golf Tournament, is really raising some eyebrows. It's kind of fishy when you think about it. This golf tournament used to rake in at least $40,000 on average for charity, but suddenly in 2021, they reported a big fat zero. That's a huge drop and it doesn't make a whole lot of sense, especially since Charles Khalil is so closely tied to both the company organizing the event and the foundation it's supposed to benefit. It's a bit like something doesn't add up, and it's not a great look. It definitely seems like there's more to the story that needs to be dug into, to clear up these weird financial gaps.

A Closer Look At Jirard The Completionists Golf Tournament and Open Hand Foundations Financials
According to the PBD West Golf Challenge Cup Tax Filings, This Was Free in 2021...

The Need for Transparency and Accountability

These financial anomalies present a troubling picture. The lack of alignment in reported figures, the discrepancies in the Foundation’s operational history, and the inconsistent tax filings raise critical questions about the transparency and accountability of the funds raised through the PBD West Golf Tournament.

What We Know So Far: Concerns About the Open Hand Foundation

  1. Unfulfilled Promises: Despite claims of supporting various charities, the Open Hand Foundation hasn't distributed any of the funds it received from the public.

  2. Financial Discrepancies: There's a notable mismatch between the funds the Open Hand Foundation claimed to raise in 2019 and its actual yearly revenue, leading to doubts about its financial transparency and accountability.

  3. Questions on Tiltify Contributions: The lack of clarity regarding the total amount raised through Tiltify, a fundraising platform, adds to the suspicions about the Foundation's financial practices.

  4. Golf Tournament Earnings Uncertainty: Despite the golf tournament having multiple sponsors and reportedly raising over $60,000, this money apparently hasn't been transferred to Open Hand as initially promised.

  5. Unaccounted Funds: There's a concern about more than $650,000 sitting idle in an account, unutilized for charitable purposes. Additionally, a substantial amount of money from the golf tournament seems to have disappeared without any clear accounting.

  6. Possible Fraudulent Activity: The ongoing financial irregularities suggest more than mere negligence or ignorance. It's believed that these issues have persisted for at least a decade, indicating a potential case of fraud that warrants investigation by the authorities.

A Closer Look At Jirard The Completionists Golf Tournament and Open Hand Foundations Financials
The same location for the foundation and his Dad's company. Google Maps confirms.

Implications and the Call for Clarity

For donors and supporters, these revelations are concerning. The essence of charitable giving lies in the trust that funds are used effectively and transparently for the intended cause. The discrepancies in the Open Hand Foundation's financial reporting undermine this trust and call for a thorough investigation and clarification. The people who donated to The Open Hand Foundation deserve clear answers to restore confidence in the Foundation's commitment to its cause.


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