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ClayFighter Sculptor's Cut Receipt Sells for $526.47 on eBay

When it comes to collector's items, the bar keeps getting set higher and higher. This time, the pinnacle of rarity is not a mint-condition comic book, nor a vintage toy, but a mere cash register receipt for a video game.

ClayFighter Sculptor's Cut Receipt Sells for $526.47 on eBay

A Receipt for ClayFighter Sculptor's Cut Sells for $526.47 on eBay
Make it a Blockbuster night... Indeed.

Yes, you read that correctly—a receipt for the Nintendo 64 game ClayFighter: Sculptor's Cut was sold on eBay for an eye-watering $710 Canadian after attracting 49 bids. That's 526.47 in United States Dollars (USD).

A Receipt for ClayFighter: Sculptor's Cut Sells for $526.47 on eBay
It seems like the allure of nostalgia knows no bounds...

The Legend of ClayFighter: Sculptor's Cut

For those unaware, ClayFighter: Sculptor's Cut isn't exactly a blockbuster title from the gaming annals. It's an updated version of ClayFighter 63⅓ and was never released to the general public for retail sale. Instead, this title was a Blockbuster Video rental exclusive, making it one of the rarest games in the Nintendo 64 library. Over the years, its scarcity has led to outrageous prices on the secondary market. Even the instruction manuals for this game sell for over $1,000!

The Price of Nostalgia

What's most astonishing here is that the item sold was not even the game itself, but merely a cash register receipt proving its rental or purchase from Blockbuster. The receipt was initially listed on eBay and rapidly attracted bids, finally closing at $710 Canadian. For perspective, this receipt sold for more than the cost of a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X!

The Collector’s Market

Collector fervor for this title is nothing short of intense. Complete boxed copies of ClayFighter: Sculptor's Cut have commanded astronomical prices. In August, for instance, a copy sold for nearly $5,000 (though the item was relisted, potentially due to no payment received).

A New Bar for Rarity?

This recent eBay auction raises questions about what constitutes value in the world of gaming memorabilia. How much is nostalgia worth? And how rare does an item have to be to command such a high price? It seems the gaming community is more than willing to push these boundaries, turning ordinary items into extraordinary collectibles.

For anyone wondering if their old gaming paraphernalia gathering dust in the attic could be worth something, perhaps now is the time to start digging. You never know—your piece of nostalgia could be someone else's treasure, ready to fetch a high price on the auction block.


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