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A Very Underwhelming MAR10 Day 2024

Another MAR10 Day has come, and with it, the typical Nintendo fanfare we've come to expect, sprinkled with a touch of nostalgia and a dash of future promise. While this year’s celebrations brought forth a couple of key announcements, the overall vibe felt more like a gentle reminder of Nintendo's ongoing projects rather than a groundbreaking revelation.

A Fresh Slice of the Mushroom Kingdom: The Super Mario Bros. Movie Sequel

Let's start with the showstopper, the one real surprise of the event: a new Super Mario Bros. movie is officially in the pipeline, slated for a spring 2026 release. Teaming up again with Illumination, Nintendo aims to recapture the magic and success of its animated endeavors. This announcement served as the centerpiece of MAR10 Day, and rightly so. Yet, despite the initial excitement, 2026 feels like a warp pipe away. It's a shimmering coin in the distance, but it's not enough to keep the current game-playing momentum at full speed.

Revisiting Classics: Paper Mario and Luigi’s Mansion Make a Comeback

In more immediate news, Nintendo has placed release dates on the calendar for the Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door remake and Luigi's Mansion 2 HD. Mark your calendars for May 23, 2024, and June 27, 2024, respectively.

While it's comforting to see these beloved titles polished and prepped for the Switch, there's an underlying feeling of déjà vu. These announcements, exciting as they may be for newcomers or nostalgic fans, represent a continued reliance on the charm of yesteryear rather than offering fresh adventures.

Not that I expected a full blown Nintendo Switch 2 new mario game announcement, but something beyond what we already knew about would have been great.

Game Boy Nostalgia Hits the Switch Online Service

Further doubling down on the nostalgia factor, Nintendo has announced the addition of Dr. Mario, Mario Golf, and Mario Tennis from the Game Boy era to the Nintendo Switch Online library. This move is akin to leafing through an old photo album: pleasant, familiar, but not exactly exhilarating. It's a nice nod to the past, perfect for a quick trip down memory lane, but it’s hardly the next big thing.

LEGO Mario Kart: Building Expectations

Finally, in a collaboration with LEGO, yesterday Nintendo has teased the release of LEGO Mario Kart sets due in 2025. While the idea sparks a certain curiosity and melds two giant worlds of play, it's yet another promise placed on the distant horizon, with more immediate details sparse.

The Takeaway

So, where does this leave us?

The transition to Kevin Afghani as the new voice of Mario has started to become a slight been a point of contention among fans, marking a significant shift from the legendary Charles Martinet, whose cheerful and iconic voice has defined the character for decades. Afghani's take on the beloved plumber is undoubtedly rough around the edges, lacking the familiar, jovial cadence that Martinet infused into every "It's-a me, Mario!" This change has left a void, and the whole "Mario Time"... it's just weird. Many fans, myself included, missing the warmth and nostalgia that came with Martinet's portrayal. While Afghani may eventually grow into the role, for now, the character's new voice feels like a stark reminder of what we've lost, requiring a period of adjustment and acceptance that some of us are not yet ready to give.

This year's MAR10 Day felt like a cozy check-in with an old friend rather than a thrilling leap into unknown territories. Yes, the announcements maintain the momentum for the Mario franchise and ensure that fans have plenty to look forward to. Yet, aside from a brief mention (not even a teaser) of another cinematic adventure, most of what was shared merely treads the same comforting, well-worn ground.

As fans, our love for Mario and his entourage remains high, but we're left holding onto our controllers, waiting for that next big "wow" moment. For now, we'll dust off our nostalgia, mark our calendars for the known commodities, and keep an ear to the ground for the next groundbreaking leap from our favorite plumber and his pals. In the meantime, let's enjoy the journey, even if the destination is all too familiar. I have a hard time getting excited for Nintendo Online games.

Oh... and some Mario games are on sale now. For 40 FREAKING US DOLLARS? Come on, Nintendo. Give people a deal!



I honestly don't know how to feel about LEGO Mario. There are so many ways it could become so much bigger than proper Mario, but at the same time it could end up underfunded with little to no content.


I forgot about this completely.

Replying to

I'm more focused on snapping up soon-to-be delisted games from storefronts. A lot of stuff will go the way of the Dodo in the coming weeks. Gotta stay on top. 👍

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