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Charles Martinet No Longer The Voice of Mario

A voice that has resonated through our childhoods, and is arguably one of the most recognizable in the gaming universe, Charles Martinet is hanging up his microphone as the voice behind Mario. Having started his illustrious journey as the iconic plumber in Super Mario 64, Martinet's voice has given life to not just Mario, but Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, and a roster of others.

Charles Martinet No Longer The Voice of Mario
It's-a-not-a-me anymore

In a tweet shared today, Nintendo announced the transition, stating that Martinet would "step back from recording character voices for our games". Yet, Mario enthusiasts need not fret. Charles isn't completely saying goodbye to the world of Mario. In an interesting turn, Nintendo is introducing a new title for him: Mario Ambassador.

Charles Martinet No Longer The Voice of Mario

Sharing their update with fans, Nintendo's tweet read: "We have a message for fans of the Mushroom Kingdom. Please take a look."

Being an ambassador is expected to involve the promotion of Mario-related goods, from the wide array of merchandise to the blockbuster movies and beloved games. Who better to wear the proverbial 'Mario cap' than Martinet himself?

Fans are speculating that his swan song could be in the soon-to-be-released Super Mario Bros. Wonder this October, though it remains uncertain whether Martinet lent his voice to the game, or who will be taking over moving forward... Chris Pratt, anyone?

Additionally, in their announcement, Nintendo teased an upcoming special video message featuring both Shigeru Miyamoto and Charles Martinet. While details remain undisclosed, fans are already filled with excitement and speculation about what the two legends might share.

Here's to a new chapter for Mario, Martinet, and all the fans who've grown up with them. Whether it's behind the microphone or as an ambassador, Martinet's legacy with Mario will continue to forever shine brightly.



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