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Everything We Know About the Super Mario RPG Remake

In an exciting turn of events, Nintendo revealed during its latest Nintendo Direct that the beloved classic, Super Mario RPG, is getting a much-anticipated remake. Since its initial release on the Super NES back in 1996, the game had been largely out of Nintendo's spotlight, up until now. With a release date set for November 17, it feels like I'm about to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

The reveal trailer gave me my first glimpse into this modern reimagining. The game's graphics have been completely revamped into stunning 3D, and I was thrilled to see characters like Mallow and Geno, who haven't made an appearance in years. I appreciated the preservation of the original isometric perspective, creating a perfect blend of nostalgia and contemporary aesthetics. To my fellow eager gamers, you can start preordering the game today through the Nintendo eShop.

When Super Mario RPG was first launched in 1996, it was developed by Square Enix, then known as Squaresoft. It was a notable example of Nintendo granting a third-party developer the opportunity to explore its iconic properties. Square's take on a Mario RPG added distinctive touches that added depth to the gaming experience.

This game introduced characters that have been missing from the Mario universe ever since, and it laid the groundwork for mechanics like timing-based attacks. These elements have become a mainstay in later Mario RPGs, such as the Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario series.

As we all eagerly await the release of the Super Mario RPG remake, it's clear this classic is set to ignite feelings of nostalgia while introducing modern gaming innovations. I'm particularly intrigued by the return of long-lost characters, adding an extra layer of excitement. The gaming community and I are brimming with anticipation as we countdown to the launch of this enduring classic.

Though... Let's not forget one of the biggest downsides of this game was the simplistic difficulty level. Hoping they add additional challenges to give it more oomph!


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This may finally be the game that gets me off the fence to buy a Nintendo Switch. I still pick the original game up every now and then on the SNES.

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