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Introducing Sony PlayStation Portal Handheld Streaming Device

Sony has unveiled additional specifications regarding its somewhat confusing and much-anticipated Remote Play handheld device. Originally titled "Project Q", now known to the world as the "PlayStation Portal", it represents a bridge between traditional gaming and the future of remote play.

A glance at the PlayStation Portal might remind one of the iconic DualSense controller – but with a twist. Nestled between its controls is an 8-inch LCD screen that boasts an impressive 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second.

PlayStation Portal Specification Overview:

  • 8" LCD, 1080p, 60Hz Screen

  • Haptic Feedback

  • Adaptive Triggers

  • PlayStation Portal Will Connect Remotely To Your PS5 Over Wi-Fi

  • 3.5mm Audio Jack

  • PlayStation Link Wireless Technology

  • Price: $/£199.99

  • Launch Date: Launching Later 2023 (TBD)

Despite its appearance as a standalone gaming device, its primary function is to stream games. With a price tag of $199.99 / €219.99 / £199.99, the PlayStation Portal serves as an extension of the PS5 console rather than a replacement.

This innovative device is aimed at gamers who frequently find themselves in shared living spaces, or for those who'd enjoy the flexibility of playing their favorite PS5 titles from a different location in their home. As mentioned by Sony in their latest blog post:

"With the PlayStation Portal, switching from your PS5 to this new device is a seamless experience, allowing gamers to enjoy supported titles installed on the PS5, using the familiar touch and feel of the DualSense controller."

However, there's a distinction to be made. The PlayStation Portal is not a cloud streaming gadget for PlayStation Plus Premium games. It's a device solely or Remote Play, requiring a PS5 console for its optimal operation.

Those hoping to bypass this by streaming games to their PS5 via PS Plus Premium and then rerouting this to the Portal will find themselves disappointed. Sony has made it clear that certain functionalities, like the PS VR2 games that need the dedicated headset, or games accessed through PlayStation Plus Premium’s cloud streaming, won't be compatible with this device.

To emphasize, Sony concluded its announcement by restating:

“Games that necessitate streaming on the PS5 through a PS Plus Premium membership will not function with the PlayStation Portal.”

In summary, the PlayStation Portal may not replace the full PlayStation experience, but it offers a unique and flexible way for gamers to stay connected to their favorite PS5 titles, proving once again.

But... Don't forget about the BackBone!

The alternative to this new PlayStation Portal is the BackBone One.

Backbone One is not just a gaming accessory; it's a gateway to an enhanced PlayStation experience for iPhone users. Its versatility stands out, effortlessly bridging the gap between console and mobile gaming. While its integration with the PS Remote Play app offers players the freedom to enjoy their PS5 and PS4 games beyond the confines of their living rooms, its compatibility with App Store games and various game streaming services amplifies its appeal. Popular games like Genshin Impact, Fantasian, and Call of Duty: Mobile become even more immersive when played with Backbone One.

With the dedicated Backbone App, players are treated to a tailored PlayStation environment right on their iPhones, complete with PlayStation’s iconic symbols and an expansive game library. It’s evident that the Backbone One is not just a device, but a comprehensive gaming companion for PlayStation enthusiasts on the go.


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