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Is Jirard The Completionist Still Making Money Off Super Beard Bros Merch?

This whole Jirard the Completionist saga is constantly evolving. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of online content creation and connections to former employees of That One Video Gamer (TOVG), a company owned and operated by Jirard Khalil. This company, TOVG, is still listed as a part of the Super Beard Bros merch store.

Initially, a recent development has been announced with significant changes in the popular YouTube channel, Beard Bros. These alterations come in the wake of the (supposed) departure of one of its original hosts, Jirard.

The channel's transformation has sparked a myriad of discussions and debates within its community, highlighting the complexities of navigating the personal and professional realms in the digital age, when controversy strikes. The Super Beard Bros. are BACK... But one question still remains: Is Jirard financially involved?

Adjustments and Adaptations

Beard Bros has rolled out new episodes of "Crash Bandicoot 4" and embarked on a series on "Elden Ring." Notably, these productions are now set in a home environment, marking a departure from their previous studio recordings.

This shift is indicative of broader changes within the channel, especially following the supposed exit of Jirard. Alongside this physical relocation, the channel has also made conspicuous changes to its digital presence, removing Jirard from descriptions and banners.

Community's Mixed Response

The response from the Beard Bros community via R/TheCompletionist2 on Reddit has been met with some serious skepticism. While some fans are thrilled with the channel's return and the fresh content, there's a huge undercurrent of concern regarding the ongoing association with Jirard. Discussions have particularly centered around his presence in their Discord server, selling merch, and questions about his continued financial involvement in the Beard Bros. channel.

Seeking Financial Independence

In a move towards greater financial autonomy, Beard Bros has overhauled their Patreon. This revamp is characterized by a reduction in tier options, focusing primarily on a single tier offering early access to episodes. This strategic shift attempts to underscore their transition from being part of a larger company to an independent entity, reliant on community support for sustenance. But Jirard's company is still listed on their store page. Something doesn't add up...

The Ethical Quandary

Central to the discussion is the ethical dilemma surrounding Jirard, with allusions to potential charity fraud and his connections to The Open Hand Foundation. This has created debates over the channel's responsibility to publicly disavow him. The community is torn between the need for ethical clarity and the complexity of personal affiliations in professional settings. I'm in the camp that they need to sever all ties with Jirard and make a statement explaining specifics to clarify any concerns, and I'm clearly not alone.

The situation with Beard Bros brings a challenge to the forefront of separating personal relationships from professional decisions. The community is demanding a complete and public disassociation, and that just hasn't happened. Yet.

Demanding Transparency

Amidst the ongoing changes with Super Beard Bros, there are concerns regarding Jirard's current involvement with the channel. Many Reddit users are reporting Jirard's active participation in the Super Beard Bros Discord server, particularly in relation to advertising sales, have fueled speculation about his continued role in channel operations. A key concern among fans is the possibility that Jirard may still be financially benefiting from the sale of Super Beard Bros merchandise. Why else would he still be pushing the merch angle?

Despite the apparent "separation", it's suspected he might retain ownership of the merchandise store and be responsible for liquidating existing stock, thereby potentially profiting from these sales.

This has led to a strong call from the community for greater transparency and clear communication regarding Jirard's current role and financial connections to Super Beard Bros, highlighting a sense of confusion and frustration over the lack of definitive information about his involvement, especially in financial matters related to merchandise sales. People don't want to buy Super Beard Bros. merch if it ends up going into Jirard's pockets... even when they want to still support Super Beard Bros.

What a tangled web we weave...

Content Pricing and Accessibility

On top of all that, this all extends to the channel's Patreon pricing strategy. The decision to set a $10 tier has created more discussion about its appropriateness. The changes in Beard Bros post-Jirard's departure have opened up a complex web of discussions and dramatic takes. The channel's future, its ethical responsibilities, and its relationship with both its community and former members are under scrutiny, and many questions still loom.

As the Beard Bros attempt to navigate these choppy waters, it serves as a microcosm of the broader challenges faced by digital content creators today, when you're connected to someone like Jirard. There's clearly a lot of Jirard merchandise that still needs to move, and this almost feels like a sneaky last-ditch effort to get it out the door... before it all comes crashing down.


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