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Joker Claims Rockstar Games Used His Likeness in GTA 6 Now Demanding 2 Million Dollars

Lawrence Sullivan, also known as the 'Florida Joker', is making headlines by demanding a staggering $2 million from Rockstar Games. He claims that his distinctive appearance was used without permission for a character in the much-anticipated GTA 6 trailer.

The issue first surfaced after Rockstar Games, grappling with a leak, unexpectedly released the GTA VI trailer earlier than planned. While the gaming community was largely thrilled, Sullivan expressed ...concerns. Known for his unique look with purple hair and distinctive facial tattoos (totally normal-looking human being), he presented a side-by-side comparison on TikTok of himself and a character in the trailer, highlighting notable similarities.

Sullivan didn't just stop at pointing out these resemblances. He escalated the issue by demanding monetary recompense from Rockstar Games. He firmly argued that the character was 'inspired by' him, fueling an intense debate online about the legitimacy of his claims.

This situation is reminiscent of a previous high-profile case involving actress Lindsay Lohan and Rockstar Games. In a long-running legal battle, Lohan attempted to sue the video game maker over a character in Grand Theft Auto V, which she claimed was based on her. However, her case was unanimously rejected by six judges at New York state's Court of Appeals.

In that instance, they concluded that the in-game character did not resemble Lohan specifically but was a generic young woman. This ruling, dating back to 2014, highlights the challenges in proving the use of personal likenesses in video games, setting a precedent that might influence Sullivan's case.

Online reactions to Sullivan's claim are varied. Some users see a clear resemblance and advocate for his compensation, while others believe the changes in the game character are significant enough to weaken his claim. This debate echoes the divided opinions in Lohan's case, where the court's decision hinged on the distinctiveness of the alleged likeness.

Here he is being interviewed by local CBS after his arrest about 6 years ago:

As Sullivan stands firm on his demand, challenging Rockstar Games for a dialogue or compensation, his case unfolds in the shadow of legal precedents like Lohan's. This drama adds another layer of complexity to the anticipation surrounding GTA 6, intertwining gaming, legal rights, and personal identity in the digital era. He's not going to win a court case on this, but hey, he will certainly gain some popularity on social media.


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