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Limited Run Games Unbelievable CD-R Scam EXPOSED!

Limited Run Games’ 3DO Fiasco: Charging Premium Prices for CD-R Copies… that don’t even play on the hardware they were designed for.

…Uh, What!?

Limited Run Games Unbelievable CD-R Scam EXPOSED!
This is bad enough to doom a company.

Limited Run Games (LRG) has recently been making waves in the gaming community, but not in the way they might have hoped. The company, known for its “limited releases” of physical games, is now under scrutiny for shipping out 3DO games on CD-R discs instead of properly pressed ones. This has sparked outrage on Twitter, and rightfully so, especially considering the hefty price tag attached to these releases.

A Premium Price for Subpar Quality:

Limited Run Games has built a reputation for selling “limited edition” games at premium prices, often catering to collectors and enthusiasts who value physical media. Yet, recent releases of 3DO titles have exposed a shocking truth: these games are being distributed on CD-R media, essentially making them nothing more than backup copies. And, if that wasn’t infuriating enough, these discs don’t even work on authentic 3DO hardware.

Limited Run Games Unbelievable CD-R Scam EXPOSED!
Verified proof from Todd Gill that these are indeed CD-R backups

Charging over $60 for these CD-R games is nothing short of a blatant rip-off. For many gamers, the appeal of limited releases lies in the authenticity and quality of the products, which often includes the meticulous packaging, design, and content of each game. LRG’s choice to cut corners by using CD-R discs directly contradicts these expectations and is a slap in the face to the very consumers that support their business.

Questioning the Ethics:

The situation raises some serious ethical concerns as well. The fact that LRG is charging premium prices for these subpar releases begs the question: what’s even LIMITED about a cheap CD-R backup?

Furthermore, how can a company in good conscience market such low-quality products to consumers and expect them to pay a premium?

This is a textbook example of low-effort grifting. The gaming community is already no stranger to controversies and disappointments and deserves better than to be taken advantage of in this manner.

...Yet, the silence surrounding this issue from larger influencers and channels only serves to highlight the extent of the problem.

The Community Speaks Out

Thankfully, the gaming community has begun to voice its outrage. The demand for accountability is growing, and gamers are taking to social media to share their frustration. This isn’t just about being sold a subpar product; it’s about a company exploiting its audience and betraying their trust.

In light of this debacle, it’s crucial that we continue to speak out against such practices. The interests of gamers must be put first, and companies like LRG should be held accountable for their actions. By raising awareness and refusing to support such exploitative practices, the community can hopefully steer the industry back toward ethical and respectful business dealings.

Limited Run Games’ unbelievable decision to sell 3DO games on CD-R discs is more than a poor business decision; it’s an ethical failure (nothing new for this company). The gaming community, once again, finds itself at the mercy of a company that prioritizes profits over its customers. But by speaking out and sharing their experiences, gamers can hold companies accountable and ensure that practices like these are brought to light. The gaming industry needs to return to its roots, where passion, authenticity, and quality reign supreme. It’s time for companies like LRG to listen to their community and recognize that exploitation will not be tolerated.

Huge shoutout to Todd Gill (@ToddsNerdCrave) for the heads up on this wild situation!


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I mean, I did tell y'all LRG was trash like, 5 years ago. 🤷‍♀️

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