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Nintendo & LEGO Join Forces To Bring Us Animal Crossing LEGO!

Nintendo & LEGO Join Forces To Bring Us Animal Crossing LEGO! least some of them look happy to be in Lego form

Nintendo, ever the master of generating toy-related excitement, recently dropped a teaser that has fans worldwide in a frenzy. In an unexpected collaboration with LEGO, the gaming giant hinted at the forthcoming LEGO Animal Crossing.

The announcement was succinctly made with an 11-second video on Twitter, with LEGO's official website stoking the anticipation with a hint of more details to come (below).

Nintendo & LEGO Join Forces To Bring Us Animal Crossing LEGO!
Coming Soon!

The overwhelming response on social media platforms, particularly Twitter, indicates that this alliance is already a winner in the fans' hearts. The sentiment from the gaming community can be summed up as a mix of elation, surprise, and nostalgia.

Many expressed sheer joy, describing the collaboration as "awesome" and celebrating the realization of what seems to have been a long-held dream for some. There's a sense of humor too, with fans jokingly listing out characters they'd rather not see in LEGO form.

The element of surprise was everywhere. Several reactions indicated that this was a collaboration fans didn't even know they wanted but are absolutely thrilled about now that it's on the horizon. Descriptions ranged from words like "intrigued" and "shocked" to straightforward exclamations of excitement.

In the midst of the celebration, some took the opportunity to cheekily request more downloadable content for Animal Crossing, showing that the game's charm and appeal remain as strong as ever.

A dominant sentiment was an unequivocal eagerness to purchase whatever this collaboration brings to the table. The overarching mood? "Take my money!"

All in all, as details unfold, it's clear that the Animal Crossing universe is poised for an exciting LEGO transformation. Nintendo and LEGO have tapped into a rich vein of enthusiasm, and fans are eagerly awaiting what promises to be a block-building extravaganza.


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