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Nintendo Silent Drops New Pikmin Game 'Pikmin Finder'

Pikmin, Nintendo's tiny, colorful plant-like creatures (and one of my favorite franchises in recent years), have found their way into the mobile browser space.

Nintendo Silent Drops New Pikmin Game 'Pikmin Finder'
They spent about the same amount of time making the logo

As part of the celebrations for the Nintendo Live event happening in Seattle, Nintendo has unveiled a fun surprise in the form of a browser-based AR game called 'Pikmin Finder'. Don't get your hopes too high, its.... pretty basic fun.

Nintendo Silent Drops New Pikmin Game 'Pikmin Finder'
He almost fell into my coffee while writing this

For the best gaming experience, players are advised to access the game using mobile devices, like smartphones or tablets. The game is specially designed to employ the device's camera, overlaying Pikmin characters onto the player's real-world surroundings. This innovation seems tailored for attendees at the Nintendo Live event, possibly providing a fun diversion for those in long event lines or waiting for sessions to start.

In 'Pikmin Finder', players are on the lookout for Pikmin popping up from the ground. The gameplay is straightforward, reminiscent of the mechanics in Pikmin Bloom: spot the Pikmin and swipe them up with your fingers. Once you've collected a specific set of Pikmin (usually two or three of the same kind), they can be sent on quests to discover treasures. These treasures range from quirky items like rubber duckies to scrumptious virtual cakes.

While 'Pikmin Finder' might not be the most comprehensive gaming experience out there, it offers lighthearted entertainment, especially for those engaged in the Nintendo Live festivities (and anywhere else). A charming feature of the game is watching your Pikmin embark on treasure hunts, and the triumphant return to your screen bearing their finds. For those wanting to capture these whimsical moments, there's an option to snap pictures of your Pikmin and their treasures, which can then be saved directly to your device.

While 'Pikmin Finder' might not revolutionize the gaming world, it serves its purpose as a delightful pastime, emphasizing Nintendo's expertise in crafting enjoyable experiences for its fans.


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