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ProJared Enters The Jirard The Completionist Saga

ProJared, a now infamously well-known figure in the gaming YouTube community, recently found himself in the midst of controversy following a tweet attempting to defend Jirard the Completionist.

His tweet, which has since been deleted, accused Muta from Some Ordinary Gamers and Karl from Karl Jobst of making baseless accusations and not conducting due diligence in their investigation into Jirard's Open Hand Foundation.

"This is horseshit. They're both making a lot of assumptions and accusations without being able to actually prove anything. Almost like they're presenting the worst and trying to get views off of it.
They didn't bother trying to reach out to Jirard about it. No due diligence".

ProJared's defense quickly backfired when he realized that Muta and Karl had actually conducted a conference call with Jirard prior to publicizing their findings, a fact that severely undermined ProJared's argument. He ironically didn't do ANY due diligence whatsoever - the exact thing he was trying to call others out for.

The situation is particularly embarrassing for ProJared, not only because of the factual inaccuracy of his tweet but also due to his own controversial history involving allegations of inappropriate interactions with fans. Although ProJared later provided evidence to clear his name, the shadow of the scandal still looms over his credibility, especially in situations like this where he is defending someone else embroiled in controversy.

This episode also casts a spotlight on the dynamics within the YouTube group "Normal Boots", to which both ProJared and Jirard belong. It raises questions about the group's prioritization of loyalty over facts, as ProJared's rushed defense seems more driven by friendship than an objective assessment of the situation.

During the ProJared scandal, another member of Normal Boots, PeanutButterGamer, found himself in a similar quagmire by hastily defending ProJared. His premature support, offered before the full scope of the situation was publicly understood, led to an embarrassing situation for him. This incident highlights a recurring pattern within the Normal Boots community, where members seem quick to jump to each other's defense without fully grasping the situation or considering the broader implications.

PeanutButterGamer's rush to support ProJared, without waiting for all the facts to emerge, not only reflected poorly on his judgment but also on the culture within Normal Boots. It underscores a problematic tendency to prioritize loyalty over prudence and due diligence, especially in complex and sensitive situations involving allegations and public scrutiny. This situation directly points to the pitfalls of premature public statements in the volatile realm of social media and public opinion.

This situation reinforces the notion that Jirard needs to be the one addressing the allegations directly. It's a situation where ProJared's intervention not only fails to help but potentially exacerbates the issue, highlighting the complexities and pitfalls of public figures navigating controversies within their close-knit communities.


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Jake Blades
Jake Blades
Dec 11, 2023

you also seem to have conveniently forgotten that a lot of people also rushed to burn Pro Jared at the stake after his ex-wife made a bunch of claims against him and Heidi that were later proven false(as it turned out she had agreed to a threesome with both of them so she wasn't completely unaware of Heidi and Jared like she initially claimed to be)and once Jared held firm and his side was proven correct a lot of people that rushed to condemn him before knowing all the facts(which i'm guessing you did as well, let me guess, you're one of those "pro-ceasefire" folks that thinks October 7th "wasn't that bad")and i'm still waiting for the vast majority of…


Dec 02, 2023

Yes, you drama llama. Of course the person who has been cancelled and wrongfully accused by outright savage prima donnas on the Internet like yourself is going to rush to the defense of someone he believes is going through the same thing.

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