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Retro-Styled Adventure "FX Unit Yuki" Comes To Nintendo Switch!

FX Unit Yuki is available on Nintendo Switch on November 2, 2023 for $8.99, preorders save 10%.

Retro-Styled Adventure "FX Unit Yuki" Comes To Nintendo Switch!
The adventure awaits!

In recent years, the gaming world has witnessed a remarkable resurgence of retro-inspired titles, captivating audiences with their nostalgic charm and innovative gameplay. Among the standouts in this genre are games like The Messenger, Shovel Knight, and Sonic Mania, showcasing the potential of modern development fused with classic design. Following in their footsteps is FX Unit Yuki, a 2D action platformer originally crafted by friend of the channel Sarumaru for the PC-Engine Super CD system, is now making its eagerly anticipated debut on the Nintendo Switch.

Origin and Development

Initially introduced to the gaming community through a successful Kickstarter campaign under the name Henshin Engine, FX Unit Yuki quickly captured the interest of retro gaming enthusiasts. Its development was supported by crowdfunding, a common avenue for independent developers to bring their creative visions to life.

The Story Unfolds

Retro-Styled Adventure "FX Unit Yuki" Comes To Nintendo Switch!
A game tester? I can relate...

FX Unit Yuki transports players into a vibrant virtual world, where the protagonist, Yuki, a game tester, finds herself digitized and embroiled in a quest filled with challenges and surprises. As the story unfolds through engaging cut scenes between stages, players encounter a rival character, adding depth and intrigue to the narrative.

Gameplay Mechanics

Retro-Styled Adventure "FX Unit Yuki" Comes To Nintendo Switch!
multiple gameplay modes throughout the levels

The game pays homage to the classic 2D platformers of yesteryear, offering tight controls and a variety of abilities acquired throughout the journey. Players will appreciate Yuki's responsive jump, which can be controlled mid-air, and her slash attack, reminiscent of iconic moves from the Strider and Ninja Gaiden series. As players progress, they unlock additional skills, such as the charge shot, slide, and double jump, ensuring a dynamic and evolving gameplay experience even further.

Artistic Flair

FX Unit Yuki boasts a clean, bright anime art style, impressing even those who may not typically gravitate toward this aesthetic. The sprite design is closely aligned with the drawn anime, eliminating any confusion about character identities. The attention to detail in both sprites and backgrounds is commendable, holding its own among the best games of the era it emulates.

Level Design and Challenges

The game features thoughtfully designed stages, incorporating tricky platforms and evolving challenges as players acquire new skills. Veterans of Mega Man and Mario titles will find the platforming aspects familiar, though the common enemies and their tricky attack angles provide a consistent challenge throughout. Each stage pays tribute to classic retro games, offering a delightful dose of nostalgia blended with fresh, engaging gameplay.

Boss Encounters and Music

Retro-Styled Adventure "FX Unit Yuki" Comes To Nintendo Switch!
Challenging battles await!

FX Unit Yuki doesn’t shy away from presenting players with formidable bosses, each offering a unique challenge yet remaining within the realm of manageability. The soundtrack is a standout feature, with rhythmic, catchy tunes that perfectly complement the retro-inspired gameplay, seamlessly blending guitars, keyboards, and light techno elements.

Support Indies!

As FX Unit Yuki makes its grand entrance on the Nintendo Switch, it stands as a testament to the capabilities of independent game development and the enduring appeal of retro-inspired titles. Whether you're a longtime fan of action platformers or a newcomer eager to explore the charm of classic gaming, FX Unit Yuki offers an experience that is not to be missed.


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