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ReviewTechUSA Announces Boxing Match Against The Quartering

In an unexpected twist to the world of Gaming YouTube influencers, Rich from ReviewTechUSA has announced that he will potentially be stepping into the boxing ring with Jeremy from The Quartering. This upcoming bout promises to be a spectacle, bringing together two of the platform's most recognized gaming figures in a contest that is sure to generate waves throughout the YouTube community.

ReviewTechUSA, run by Rich Masucci, is a popular channel known for its tech reviews and commentary on gaming and technology news. On the other hand, The Quartering, headed by Jeremy Hambly, is a channel dedicated to commentary and news about pop culture, gaming, and media. Both YouTubers have a significant following, and their unexpected foray into boxing is drawing widespread attention.

The announcement came during a recent Side Scrollers livestream. Rich, known for his candid discussions and commentary on a variety of topics, chatted about the tweets that accelerated the idea of a boxing match and has been in touch with Keemstar. In response to "Is this fight going to happen?", Rich from ReviewTechUSA stated, "I'm in... I'm going to take it at face value that he is serious about it."

Jeremy from The Quartering, known for his impassioned and controversial takes on pop culture events, responded to the challenge in kind via tweets, setting the stage for an unprecedented event in the YouTube gaming community.

Details about the boxing match, such as the date, location, and how it will be broadcast, are still under wraps. Rich referenced a possible late October 2023 timeframe. However, the prospect of these two YouTube personalities going head-to-head in a boxing ring has sparked a flurry of discussion, speculation, and, of course, memes among their viewers.

The tale of the tape reveals an interesting dimension to the upcoming ReviewTechUSA vs. The Quartering match. Jeremy from The Quartering stands at an imposing 6'4", significantly towering over Rich from ReviewTechUSA, who measures 5'10". This noticeable height difference adds an intriguing element to the showdown, as it may potentially influence the dynamics of the match. Height can be a critical factor in boxing, affecting reach and the ability to land or dodge punches. With The Quartering's notable height advantage, it will be fascinating to see how Rich strategizes to counter this disparity in the ring. Despite the difference in stature, what truly matters is the skill, strategy, and determination each brings to the table, making this match an unpredictable and compelling event to look forward to.

"It's time to de-fat myself"


Some fans are excited about the event, seeing it as a chance to witness an unusual spectacle. Others are skeptical, questioning whether this event is a genuine sports competition or just a publicity stunt if it even happens at all. Regardless of the motivation, there's no denying that this upcoming boxing match has already succeeded in generating a significant buzz.

The trend of YouTube influencers turning to boxing matches has gained traction in recent years, with high-profile bouts such as those involving Logan Paul and KSI garnering global attention, the latest being Boogie2988 vs. WingsOfRedemption. With the announcement of ReviewTechUSA vs. The Quartering, it's clear that this trend has now permeated the realm of YouTube's tech and gaming community.

While awaiting further details, one thing is certain: the ReviewTechUSA vs. The Quartering boxing match promises to be a unique event that could reshape the landscape of influencer engagement on YouTube. Whether it ends up being a one-off spectacle or the start of a new trend within the tech and gaming YouTube community, the anticipation is definitely there.

...What's next? Pat the NES Punk vs. Smash JT?


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