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Sony is Working on "Vita 2" Right Now (Rumor)

Hardware leaker "Moore's Law Is Dead" (MLID) on YouTube has stirred the gaming community, reporting on what could be Sony's next big step in gaming hardware: a PlayStation "Vita 2"-esque handheld device. Despite the speculative nature of this revelation, MLID's history of reporting on tech rumors is typically on point.

The Origins

MLID's report suggests that Sony is in the early stages of developing a non-streaming PlayStation handheld capable of natively playing games. This device, currently being referred to as the PlayStation Vita 2, is said to be powered by a custom AMD APU and is currently in the high-level design phase. Remember though, it's important to note that the project has not been fully greenlit for launch... and is at least TWO years out from any full realization.

Technical Insights and Developer Speculations

According to the leaks, the device features 18 Compute Units (CUs) to maintain native backward compatibility with all PS4 digital titles. PS5 games could also be supported through a "Pro-like Patch" after some development and testing. The handheld's GPU might run at 1.8GHz or slower, with games running at much lower resolutions due to the variable clock speeds of the PS5. This information, however, remains speculative and underscores the complexity of making PS5 games playable on a handheld device... So take it as with all rumors, with that proverbial grain of salt.

Market Speculation and Sony's Strategy

There's speculation that the "Vita 2" could be part of the "PlayStation 6 family" of devices, aimed at providing a portable gaming experience for the Japanese market, specifically. This aligns with Sony's history of catering to mobile gaming preferences in Japan. The exact specifications and market positioning of this device are still under wraps, with MLID clarifying that these details are speculative at this stage.

Community Reactions and Concerns

The gaming community's response to these rumors is mixed, as expected. Some express excitement at the prospect of a new Sony handheld, reminiscing about the original Vita's promise. Others are skeptical, questioning the credibility of the source and the viability of a new handheld in a market dominated by the likes of Nintendo Switch and emerging mobile gaming platforms.

Concerns about Sony's commitment to supporting secondary hardware, the potential cost of the device, and the practicality of achieving backward compatibility without compromising on performance are the main concerns.

Looking Forward

While Sony has obviously not confirmed any details regarding a new handheld gaming device; rumors have certainly sparked discussions about the future of handheld gaming and Sony's role in it. Whether or not the "Vita 2" comes to fruition, the very discussion reflects a continued interest in portable gaming solutions that blend high-quality gaming experiences with the convenience of mobility.

The success of such a venture would depend on Sony's ability to navigate the challenges of hardware limitations, market expectations, and the evolving landscape of gaming.


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