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Stalked By Crazed Incel Darius Truxton

Buckle up...

This is crazy.

Darius Truxton, or "Keith Ellwood" has etched a troubling path through the digital landscape, particularly within the retro-gaming community. Once thought of as someone suffering from severe autism has morphed into a crazed lunatic who has attached themselves to any female who he comes in contact with.

Amiibo Toys

My initial encounter with Keith traces back to an incident that, at first glance, seemed too surreal to be taken seriously. Keith made headlines—or, more aptly, raised eyebrows—when he extended a marriage proposal to Ircha Gaming, not through conventional means, but... via a YouTube video featuring Amiibo toys as the medium of his affection (above). The gesture, extravagant and unconventional, was bewildering enough to be mistaken for satire.

Yet, this was no joke...

It was a genuine attempt by Keith to engage with women, showcasing a pattern of unorthodox and often inappropriate interactions. Potentially showcasing either a severe drug addiction or being on the spectrum.. or both.

Beyond this, Keith, under the guise of Darius Truxton, has a long and storied history of creating content that veers into the antagonistic, targeting fellow creators with a barrage of attacks. His videos frequently transcend mere critique, delving into the lies of personal narratives, involving creators' families, and spreading falsehoods with a reckless disregard for the implications.

This behavior has not only created an awful environment on the space, but also highlighted a disturbing propensity to intertwine personal vendettas with public content creation.

Throughout the internet, the entire gamut of the human species can be discovered. From the extremely intellectual to the scary psychotic stalker, and everything in between. While I would have just left it at that and ignored this 'troll' as so many have for the past near-decade, this narrative dives much deeper than just 'attack videos' on social media and into the INSANE...

New Information Appears

New information has been released by the creator "Sully and the Beef" alerting their audience to a temporary shift from their signature "beef videos" to address a pressing personal issue: a prolonged experience of harassment that has insidiously intertwined with their digital persona and content. This 3-part video series blows the doors off the 'troll' narrative and firmly cements Keith as a mentally challenged human being that is in dire need of mental help.

This harassment that she has been dealing with over the past 15+ years, initially subtle, evolved into a deeply intrusive and distressing ordeal, significantly impacting her well-being. The perpetrator, identified through a painstaking personal investigation, was Keith Ellwood, who also operates online under his alias 'Darius Truxton'.

Stalked By Crazed Incel Darius Truxton

Sully embarks on this investigative journey due to the police's inability to act on the harassment, driven by the lack of direct threats or evidence of stalking in Keith's communications. Let's be honest, while it's easy to say "she should just have gone to the police with this information", what exactly would the police do with it? A restraining order? perhaps, but nothing seems to stop what this sick individual continued to do...

Employing a detailed analysis of the explicit d*ck pics sent by Keith to her, alongside social media investigations, the creator managed to piece together Keith’s identity. This was achieved through background clues in the photos of his Sega Genesis collection and Keith's digital footprint of being a Steelers fan and the d*ck picks having Steelers boxers, revealing a disturbing online persona. Keith was a man that Sully knew from a long time ago, someone who she hadn't had contact with for over a decade... Yet here he was, constantly finding her personal information and sending unwarranted photos of his genitalia.

Darius Truxton’s YouTube channel, filled with retro game reviews, also contained aggressive, unsettling rants and videos with troubling themes. He's even attempted to come at me a few times in the past, which I have personally ignored because I wrote him off as just another 'troll' on the internet... Not worth the time, nor attention.

But Wait, There's More

But no, this gets even crazier. And I can't ignore it anymore.

Further digging unveiled Keith's notorious history of similar behaviors, including an instance of sexual harassment with other females at his former workplace, Boston Pizza, which led to his dismissal.

Complicating matters, according to Sully, Keith wove elaborate falsehoods about their relationship, falsely claiming paternity of Sully's child and spreading these lies within his online community. These actions forced the creator to publicly counteract Keith's narrative, striving to cease the harassment.

Despite these efforts, Keith's campaign of misinformation persisted, leading to unwarranted messages from individuals deceived by his lies.

Undeterred by Keith's relentless harassment, Sully reiterated her dedication to producing content focused on their cat, Beef, and promoting animal rescue and adoption. They highlighted the importance of their platform as a beacon of positivity and awareness, refusing to let Keith's malevolent actions undermine the community they nurtured. She called for legal action against Keith to prevent further harassment, discussing the importance of safeguarding others from similar experiences. This goes well beyond trolling, and honestly, hearing this story, feels more like a padded-room and straight-jacket are needed.

The Troubling Future

This 3-video account not only showcases Sully's resilience in confronting online harassment and stalking but also underscores their commitment to their advocacy and content creation mission.

Despite the personal toll, her determination to maintain a space of joy and advocacy through their work serves as a powerful statement on character strength and the vital support of a community in facing adversity. It was an important story to get out to the masses to inform anyone who comes in contact with this 'Keith' person, to know EXACTLY who it is they are dealing with. ~Smash

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