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The "Professional" Video Game Industry is a Complete Mess...

You hate to see it. Grimoire game studios just put 5 years of hard work down the drain... and why? Because of a terrible hiring: Paul Scott Canavan.

In yet another recent and unsettling situation, Paul Scott Canavan (@abigbat - now protected mode on Twitter), the Creative Director for GRIMOIRE, an indie developer creating Pale Tides, stirred controversy with a tweet that has ignited debates around the ethical boundaries of gaming journalism and developer conduct.

The tweet in question appeared to defend a previous attack (above) by Alyssa Mercante of Kotaku on contacting my wife, suggesting a call for a troubling escalation in online confrontations. WTF is wrong with these people?

The Incident

@abigbat responded to criticism by implying that tracking down and targeting the significant others and family members of detractors was a form of "holding people accountable."

This stance was promptly challenged by @ThatUmbrella, a voice within the gaming community known for calling out what he perceives as overreach or unethical behavior in the industry. Despite the pushback, @abigbat doubled down on his statements, intensifying the controversy. Per @Grummz tweet:

The Backlash and Response

The suggestion that it might be acceptable to "string up" family members of critics for the sake of accountability has been met with widespread condemnation. Such rhetoric not only crosses ethical lines but also poses serious questions about the normalization of extreme measures in disputes within the gaming community.

The incendiary nature of @abigbat's tweet highlights a broader issue: the growing tension between gaming journalists, developers, and the larger community. They know they have no power anymore, and it scares them to death.

Historical Context and Comparisons to Gamergate

This incident can't help but evoke memories of the original Gamergate, a significant and divisive moment in gaming history that similarly involved intense online harassment and ethical controversies surrounding gaming journalism. During that Gamergate, journalists wielded considerable influence, but the landscape has shifted completely and they are losing their mind because of it.

With the unfolding of what some in the media are calling "Gamergate 2.0," there is a sense that the power dynamics are changing, leading some to resort to more drastic measures in a bid to maintain influence.

Reflection on Journalism Ethics

The role of journalists was, at least traditionally, to inform and hold power to account—not to incite harassment against individuals, much less their families.

The core values of journalism, including integrity, accountability, and respect for privacy, seem to be at risk in the heat of these online conflicts. As these lines blur, it becomes crucial for the community and industry leaders to reaffirm these principles and consider the long-term implications of such rhetoric.

The Fallout and Industry Reflection

Following the backlash, of course, @abigbat has since protected his Twitter account like the piece of shit he is. I'd like to think it's because he recognized the gravity of his remarks, but the lack of a genuine apology makes me... skeptical, to put it nicely.

This move does little to address the underlying issues that this incident has brought to the fore. As the gaming industry continues to grow, the need for clear ethical guidelines and responsible communication becomes increasingly apparent.

The community, developers, and journalists alike must engage in a reflective dialogue on how to foster an environment where disagreements and criticisms can be addressed without resorting to personal attacks or endangering individuals and their loved ones.

The tweet by @abigbat and the ensuing controversy serve as a stark reminder of the challenges facing the gaming industry today. It is a call to action for all stakeholders in the gaming community to strive for a more ethical and respectful discourse, recognizing the real-world implications of online behavior. The path forward must involve a concerted effort to ensure that accountability does not devolve into vendetta, and that the spirit of gaming remains grounded in community and mutual respect.


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You're famous, Smash! Az just featured you in his latest vid covering the Kotaku drama with Mercante and Caravan -

Thought you might like to know. 💁‍♀️

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Smash JT
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However much you hate journalists. Its not enough.

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