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Uh Oh. Zelda Tears of The Kingdom is Already Out In The Wild...

Updated: May 10, 2023

As some lucky gamers get their hands on the highly-anticipated game two weeks early, the rest of the world braces for potential leaks and spoilers.

The gaming community has been buzzing with anticipation for the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the latest installment in the iconic franchise. The game has been on the radar of fans and critics alike since its announcement, with its official release date set for two weeks from now. However, recent Twitter posts suggest that some individuals have received the game well ahead of schedule, raising concerns about potential leaks, spoilers, and an even more agonizing wait for those who have yet to get their hands on it.

The news of early access to Tears of the Kingdom first surfaced on social media, where lucky gamers shared photos of their physical copies of the Collector's Edition and screenshots of the game. Someone potentially even got it early and sold their copy on Mercari for a cool $100.

This immediately raised red flags among the gaming community, as the potential for leaks and spoilers skyrocketed. For many fans who have been eagerly awaiting the game's release, the prospect of having key plot points or game mechanics spoiled ahead of time is more than just disappointing; it's downright infuriating.

The early release of the game is concerning for several reasons. Firstly, leaks and spoilers can ruin the experience for countless fans who have been waiting for years to immerse themselves in the latest chapter of the Zelda saga. One of the key elements that makes the franchise so beloved is its rich, engaging storytelling, and having that experience compromised by spoilers can significantly diminish the excitement and enjoyment of playing the game.

Zelda Tears of The Kingdom on Nintendo Switch
Is this Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom real or fake?

Secondly, as fans have already been waiting with bated breath for the game's release, seeing others play it ahead of schedule can exacerbate the agony of waiting. It's hard to resist the temptation of watching gameplay footage or reading about the game's secrets when they're readily available online, which can make the remaining two weeks feel like an eternity.

Thirdly, leaks and spoilers can also impact the game's developers and publishers, as the element of surprise is a crucial component in the marketing and promotion of any major release. The carefully planned hype and anticipation can be disrupted by unsanctioned releases, which can ultimately affect sales and the overall success of the game.

While it's impossible to prevent every single leak or spoiler, let's try to remember that fans and members of the gaming community are encouraged to be respectful and considerate towards others who are still waiting for the game's official release. Avoid sharing or consuming spoilers, and report any leaks you may come across to the appropriate channels.

As the official release date of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom approaches, fans are urged to remain patient and vigilant in their quest to preserve the magic of discovery that comes with playing a new game for the first time. By doing so, we can all contribute to ensuring that the experience is as thrilling and captivating as the developers intended. I for one, am a bit concerned that this could potentially ruin a game that I've been waiting on for almost 5 years. For now... We wait.


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