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Unleashed Games Just Cancelled Themselves

Diversity in video game character representation has become an increasingly prominent discussion within the industry. It not only reflects societal changes but also the gaming community's growing demand for inclusivity... Except when...

Recently, Unleashed Games and its CEO, Irena Pereira, sparked widespread discussion with a tweet about the racial and gender makeup of the starting characters in their new game's alpha build.

Irena Pereira's tweet stated:

“Just wait until they notice that none of our starting characters in our alpha build are white males. None. Out of 6.”

This statement quickly attracted attention and generated a spectrum of reactions from the public and gaming community... Most of which you could imagine the stance taken.

The gaming industry has seen a shift toward more diverse character representation, reflecting broader societal movements toward inclusion and equality. Developers are recognizing the importance of creating characters that diverse player bases can relate to, which has led to discussions on the best approaches to representation.

The response to Pereira’s tweet was wild, where most everyone questioned if the decision was a form of reverse discrimination. It was pretty blatant. This reaction mirrors broader societal and cultural dynamics, showcasing the complexity of addressing diversity in gaming.

Interestingly, the team at Unleashed Games, aside from Irena Pereira, consists predominantly of white males. This revelation adds a layer of irony to the discussion and prompts a deeper analysis of how development team diversity can impact game design and character representation.

Following the public response, both Irena Pereira and the official Unleashed Games Twitter accounts were made private.

This move indicates the sensitive nature of the discussion and its impact on the company. The industry's reaction varied, with some supporting Pereira’s stance and others critiquing the approach for being potentially divisive.

The situation raises important ethical considerations regarding character representation and public statements by industry leaders. It makes me wonder how some of these folks have risen to the positions they have with these mentalities.

The case of Unleashed Games serves as a significant example in the ongoing discussion about diversity in the video game industry. It highlights the challenges and complexities of balancing creative freedom with representation and the importance of dialogue in advancing industry practices.


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Kimberly B.
Kimberly B.
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Guess whose game I won't be buying. 🙄

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