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What's good everyone?! I'm Joseph Garcia, I go by Angel of CRGaming I'm a YouTuber from Chicago. I started my channel about a year and some months ago and I aim to give awesome, interactive and funny content! I also make Let's Play videos and stream! Click my link below to visit my YouTube channel! Also, don't forget to leave me some feedback!

As you guys heard YouTube hasn't been giving people notifications to their favorite YouTubers! So to fix that issue here is a link to my Twitter page so you guys can be notified by me when I go online!

Check out Angel of CRGaming (@AngelofCRGaming):

See ya guys soon and I hope to meet all of you!

By the way guys I do want to point out that I do cuss in my videos and my channel isn't exactly family friendly. I always encourage all children under the age of 18 to ask permission before viewing my content. Other than that I welcome everyone!

Angel of CRGaming

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