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Julián Ordoñez Paz
Apr 15, 2018
In Video Sharing
1 week ago I reach 500 subs and that was awesome! didnt expect that and some one tell me if I was going to do soemthing, really I didnt know what to do, im shy and in weird occasions I talk (for example in Ragnarok Online I talk but in spanish so its hard for english speakers to understend me XD) any way this video was made to thanks and talk about what they wanted. This is not the best video I make but since it was for the 500 it have good feelings, any way my chanel focus in Metroidvanias (most of the time), interesting games to show and sprites works since I make some sprites for some projects or help someone, I too play for test games but sadly that cant be show but this helps me to give info of some projects that I have in my hands and the developers give me permission to share, any way if someone is interested in things like this well I think this chanel is for you.
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Julián Ordoñez Paz

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