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Join date: Apr 13, 2018


Gamer, collector, completionist, Christian. Will often post needlessly long-winded responses on Smash's vids.

I'm way into collecting Trophies/Achieves. If you need a reliable boosting partner, hit me up. My game credentials are listed below.

Xbox GT: plainrea

PSN: plainrea

Switch FC: SW-2474-8943-3404

3DS FC: 0877-1821-9815

Currently playing:

(Xbox Series S) - Scarlet Nexus

(PS4) - Slime Rancher, Ghosts of Tsushima

(3DS) - Story of Seasons, Etrian Mystery Dungeon

(Mobile) - Best Fiends

(All Platforms) - Some iteration of Harvest Moon

Kimberly B.

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