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It all started with a NES...

I have been a gamer my entire life, and the first thing I played when I was young was Super Mario Bros. for the original Nintendo. Since then I have loved collecting and playing all kinds retro games from my youth.

The love of computers also started with a NES, but this time it was a broken one. After a power fail I thought our fun times were over. But then, I built a small computer inside of it. Since then I have loved building and modding computers and consoles.

My channel is for retro tech and gaming enthusiasts! Where we are about reliving retro and breathing new life into old tech.

With new videos every Saturday, you will find tech and gaming retrospectives, marvelous modifications, and epic builds!

When you combined the Retro experience or look of an old device with the Science of today's technology, you get something truly amazing!

》 Join us on the adventure 《

Retro Adventure

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