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My name is Simon a.k.a Kameleo. I'm an old time gamer since the NES years. Never stopped, never will.

Over the years I've started to focus more and more on retro games.

I'm also an avid youtube viewer, and think that retro gaming content on youtube is severely lacking. For a lot of reasons, I won't go on a rant here.

I eventually started a Youtube channel.

I do weekly(ish) reviews of SNES games, by release date.

SNES Chronicles.

But what I really like doing is streaming games to show you and also discover, underdogs, underrated and forgotten classics.

Taking themes like Aliens, Star Wars or a specific developer and doing a bunch of let's plays on their games.

Sometimes finishing games, sometimes not, but I'm very clear on the get go what I will finish or not.

I also like to do them in order of release, mostly.

I know most are not fond of let's plays but please, check them out, before judging.

I try to do quick games, and I'm not just playing the game and streaming it, there's a reason I choose and play these games.

I also play very different types of games, I'm like that, so if you don't like rpgs or platformers, you will find plenty of other things.

Just check my banner if you want to know what kind of games I like.

One last thing. My main goal is to discuss retro gaming with you, if you check the live streams/let's play you'll understand.

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