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About Me..

With all this introduction talk in groups I think it's about time I re-introduce myself.

I've been a gamer since the age of 6, my first console was the Atari 2600 Jr.

I've been gaming for the better part of my life and never regretted the hobby (minus buying Superman 64...that piece of $&@!) lol

So back to more about me...I've enjoyed every system but the one company that REALLY had me was SEGA.

Sega in the 90's to me was the epitome of COOL, from the introduction of their life long mascot (Sonic) to their no need blood code in Mortal Kombat. Everything SEGA did was amazing to me.

Fast forward to 1999, the dawn of the millennium, SEGA peaked my interest again with the Dreamcast. You see in the 90's arcades were King and anything that wasn't in arcade was considered "child's play". This is were the Dreamcast flourished, it had ARCADE perfect games, games like:

NFL Blitz

Hydro Thunder

Daytona USA

House of the Dead

And everyone's first Dreamcast game Soul Calibur.

SEGA did it again they had me, I was playing for hours, playing games like NFL 2K and NHL 2K over and over just to watch Instant Replays of an amazing catch I accomplished or goal I scored.

Fast forward almost 2 decades I'm still watching replays of games, whether it is the KILL CAM in the latest Call of Duty or on some of my favourite YouTubers channels. Gaming is in my blood and will always be there.

Before the dawn of the internet, I always felt as an outcast, I knew more about the game or character I was playing at that moment than what was happening on TV. Now with the ease of YouTube and the gaming community I NO longer feel this way because there are so many of us that share this amazing hobby.

I have a Youtube channel that my brother in law and i started in 2014 pitting two collections against one another. NES vs Dreamcast.

RIP Syd Bolton

Let's make gaming great again:)

The Retrollectors

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