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1080° Snowboarding Was Close To Being CANCELLED

When it comes to snowboarding games, 1080° Snowboarding stands as the pinnacle of the genre. Released in 1998 for the Nintendo 64, this groundbreaking game not only set the standard for snowboarding titles but also raised the bar for sports games in general. With its incredible gameplay and controls, stunning graphics, and great music, 1080° Snowboarding has left a lasting impression on gamers and developers alike.

But it wasn't always so rosy...

The Unlikely Success Story

It's hard to believe that 1080° Snowboarding almost didn't see the light of day. Per NintendoEverything, in a recent issue of RetroGamer, there is an interview Giles Goddard, the lead developer of the game, revealed that it received a low score in Nintendo's internal tests.

Giles Goddard, lead developer 1080° Snowboarding.

“It got a really low score in the internal Nintendo tests, anything under a six is bad and they don’t usually release the game. I just thought it was going to be a complete flop. But it goes to show that even Nintendo doesn’t know what games are going to sell. I was surprised that they actually didn’t drop it because it didn’t really cost them that much to make it and it wasn’t adding to any of their franchises at the time.”

- Giles Goddard

This surprising revelation only adds to the game's legendary status and the impact it had on the gaming world. I'd argue that Nintendo actually does know what games are going to sell, seeing as they still moved forward with publishing, even after the initial performance concerns.

Gameplay and Controls: A Winning Combination

One of the key elements that made 1080° Snowboarding stand out from the competition was its revolutionary gameplay and controls. The game successfully captured the thrill and excitement of snowboarding, allowing players to perform incredible tricks and race down challenging slopes. The intuitive controls allow for seamless transitions between tricks, and the responsive physics system made each run feel realistic and satisfying. The game's visuals were also ahead of its time, with detailed 3D character models, realistic snow effects, and breathtaking environments. It's no wonder that many fans still consider 1080° Snowboarding's gameplay unmatched in the genre.

Bumping Tunes: A Feast for the Ears

1080° Snowboarding not only delivered in terms of gameplay, but it also boasted a stellar soundtrack. The music added another layer of immersion, featuring adrenaline-pumping tracks that perfectly complemented the fast-paced action.

Setting the Standard for Sports Titles

The impact of 1080° Snowboarding on the sports gaming genre cannot be overstated. Its innovative gameplay, captivating graphics, and immersive soundtrack set a new benchmark for what sports games could achieve.

This influence can still be felt today, with many developers striving to match the seemingly unobtainable level of polish and excitement that 1080° Snowboarding brought to the table.

Multiplayer & High Scores: The Ultimate Tests of Skill

1080° Snowboarding's multiplayer mode allowed friends to challenge each other in head-to-head races or trick competitions, fostering a sense of friendly rivalry. However, it was the high-score mode that truly pushed players to their limits. The pursuit of the highest score became an addictive endeavor, with countless hours spent perfecting runs and attempting to outdo one another. The memories of my buddy and I staying up all night trying to beat each other's score still resonates with me to this day!

Sequel & Beyond

In 2003, a sequel to 1080° Snowboarding was released for the Nintendo GameCube, called 1080° Avalanche. This follow-up game was a fantastic addition to the series, featuring improved graphics, new courses, a variety of gameplay modes and most importantly, a fully licensed incredible soundtrack including the talented band Finger Eleven.

Although 1080° Avalanche was generally well-received by fans and critics alike, it ultimately could not surpass the impossibly high standards set by the original game. The first 1080° Snowboarding had raised the bar so high that even its sequel, though impressive in its own right, couldn't quite capture the same level of impact and innovation. This is a testament to the lasting influence and unmatched excellence of the original 1080° Snowboarding, a game that truly revolutionized the sports gaming genre and still holds a special place in the hearts of many. I wouldn't hold my breath for a sequel any time soon if Nintendo's track record of revisiting their older IP gems is any indication. One can always dream, though.

Lasting Legacy

1080° Snowboarding's legacy as the greatest snowboarding game of all time, in my humble opinion, is well-deserved. While others may point to colorful (and outlandish) Snowboard Kids or SSX Tricky series, 1080° carved out its own 'snowboarding realism' niche (well, ignoring those unlockables like the snowboarding Panda and Gold Boarder).

The groundbreaking gameplay, stunning visuals, and memorable soundtrack set the standard for sports titles and continue to inspire developers and gamers alike. Despite initially having an uncertain future, 1080° Snowboarding emerged as a testament to what can be achieved when creativity, passion (and a little bit of luck), can drive game development to the mountaintops.

And it ALMOST never happened.


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