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Kotaku Detected

List of folks who work, have worked, or are friends with Kotaku... and beyond!

Kotaku has turned into a more all-encompassing word for everything wrong with the video game industry. This page aims to become a comprehensive directory of individuals who work, have worked, or are in some way related to Kotaku or other game companies that have become websites that have historically shown to care more about pushing activist agendas and narratives instead of conversations about video games.

The initial sections of this page include some of the worst writers, editors, and others who have contributed to the downfall of games journalism over the years for various reasons. Each entry provides relevant information for further research, including their roles, articles, and/or linked video or tweet explanations. Whether you're a researcher, enthusiast, or industry professional, this resource is designed to spotlight the people behind Kotaku's content and hold them accountable for their actions.

For those who do not appear on this list, they have not committed any awful behavior publicly... Yet.

Consider this a curation group, citing facts, as my personal opinions. Your opinion may vary.

All information provided on this page is sourced from easily located, publicly available information.

For more information detailing why the #EndKotaku movement was created, please watch this video.

Previously Worked At Kotaku

Friends of Kotaku: Uncovered (FoK:U)

FoK:U is a section dedicated to those who have not have ever worked at Kotaku or on any game in particular, but have displayed resentment towards #KotakuDetected existing, and/or attempted to defend any of the "journalists" listed therein. This also includes some folks who have worked somewhere in the video game industry professionally at some point, as well as any relative information as to why they may no longer be actively employed in it (if applicable).

DEI Consultation Groups

There seems to have been an influx of companies and groups appearing over the past few years that only exist to siphon money out of government funding and get hired to raise an organization's ESG scores. These consultation groups can intentionally detract from the intended authentic gamer experience of the developer in order to inject "marginalized voices" and forced representation into the game.

Non-Profit/Social Impact/Investment Firms

The "non-profit" organizations listed here utilize donations and/or government funding to directly impact and redirect the narrative of a video game toward a different perspective. Often stating "marginalized" or "under-represented" groups or lifestyles. 

Are We Missing Someone?

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