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About That Bungie "Latin/a/e/o/x" Virtue Signaling Tweet Misfire

Bungie "Latin/a/e/o/x" Virtue Signaling

In an age when companies are held accountable for their social and cultural stances, one would think that game development studios would tread carefully on issues of representation and inclusivity.

About That Bungie "Latin/a/e/o/x" Virtue Signaling Tweet Misfire
This is just plain embarrassing

Bungie, the force behind gaming icons like the Destiny series, recently stumbled into the pitfalls of virtue signaling with a tweet that can best be described as misguided.

The Tweet in Question

Bungie took to social media to announce a new initiative, declaring:

"Being Latin/a/e/o/x is more than just a location on a map, just as being Hispanic is more than the language we might speak." The idea was to promote their new cultural inclusivity program, "Latin @ Bungie."

...It sounds good on paper, but the execution? Far from it.

The Community's Verdict

Social media did what it does best: it corrected the record. A few glaring errors stood out in Bungie's tweet, the most obvious of which was the conflating of "Latino" and "Hispanic." These are not interchangeable terms; they refer to different populations with unique characteristics and histories. This elementary mistake immediately signaled a lack of understanding.

About That Bungie "Latin/a/e/o/x" Virtue Signaling Tweet Misfire
Another community notes "W"

But the community didn't stop there. The use of the term "Latinx" was another point of contention. Despite its trendiness in some circles, the term is one that a significant portion of the Latino community does not identify with. This showed a blatant disregard for the nuances within the community Bungie claimed to be celebrating.

Hidden Replies: Adding Fuel to the Fire

Things took a worse turn when Bungie began hiding replies that critiqued their original message. Instead of fostering an open dialogue or owning up to the mistake, the act of hiding criticisms only amplified the community's displeasure.

About That Bungie "Latin/a/e/o/x" Virtue Signaling Tweet Misfire
Bungie digging their "L" even further with hidden replies

The general sentiment became one of disappointment and frustration, a feeling that Bungie was more interested in appearing inclusive than in actually understanding the communities they claimed to support.

Widespread Condemnation

The Twitter community was ablaze with comments accusing Bungie of not only ignorance but also of trying to suppress dissenting voices. One recurring observation was that Latin Americans are part of Western culture, undercutting the implication in Bungie's tweet that they are 'other' or 'exotic.'

Many pointed out that if Bungie was truly interested in representation, they would listen to and engage with these communities rather than dismiss their views. The overall impression was that Bungie had tried to capitalize on cultural diversity for social credit, only to demonstrate a shallow understanding of the issues at hand.

Hey, Other Video Game Companies: Don't Do This

For other companies watching from the sidelines: if you're going to engage with issues of cultural identity and representation, you'd better come prepared. Bungie's attempt to win social media points backfired spectacularly, leaving them with a PR nightmare and a disillusioned community. Going forward, let's hope this serves as a wake-up call for how not to approach the critical and complex topic of cultural inclusivity.


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