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Alyssa Mercante FIRED From Kotaku!?

Alyssa Mercante, a known figure in the gaming journalism sphere for pushing a narrative over a truth, recently made significant updates to her social media profiles that suggest a shift in her career path away from Kotaku, where she was previously employed. Mercante's updated Twitter bio now lists her as a senior editor as "Bylines".


The move from Kotaku, a platform steeped in video game "journalism" (haha, I know), to Bylines, it is possible that Mercante's interests have evolved or that she seeks to apply her editorial skills to broader issues impacting society, which Bylines could cover... Or, you know, She got fired for hunting down my wife, DMing her, and trying to destroy my relationship. Potato, potato.

Implications of the Shift

The new switch could be seen as a departure from the perceived lighter realm of video game journalism. Some like myself may view this change as evidence that Mercante's engagement with the video game industry was not her ultimate career ambition.

This interpretation could fuel discussions within the gaming community about the authenticity and long-term commitment of journalists who transition out of the gaming sphere into different areas of reporting... The proof is right in front of us.

Community Reaction

The community on Twitter is rejoicing on the idea that this is the case, and all signs point to yes. It is a day of celebration, as we get our community back to what's important - the games and the people working so hard on the experience.

Shout out to @LockePSB on twitter for the info!


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Kotaku email is still there. I'm suspicious of the change.

Smash JT
Smash JT
09 mai
En réponse à

Yeah she just added it back to the bio as well after my video published- she was trolling lol


Real gamers are winning!

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