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Alyssa Mercante THREATENS Legal Action Against Smash JT

Recently, the X account for Alyssa Mercante (@Alyssa_Merc) has suggested they may take legal action against Smash JT regarding my coverage of developing stories in the video game industry.

This announcement came through both public tweets and private direct messages, raising significant concerns for me and my family about the nature of the claims... and the potential implications for free speech and journalistic integrity. You know, that thing she claims to be.

My full statement posted to Twitter/X:

No Direct Communication Received

As of now, Smash JT has not received any requests for edits, redactions, deletions, or any other modifications to the videos or articles in question. This lack of information about what it is exactly that she has an issue with is concerning, as it leaves me in the dark about the specific grievances Alyssa Mercante has with my content.

Commitment to Accuracy and Fair Reporting

In all my good-faith conversations, I am open to considering rebuttals of facts if they have been made in error. However, I currently do not know what specific statements Alyssa Mercante might believe to be false or 'harassing'

...unless she's referring to herself, contacting my wife in a full-on unhinged meltdown for all to see on Twitter:

My coverage relies on screen captures (like the one above) and her own words to substantiate a perspective.

This method ensures that the information presented is accurate and verifiable.

Irony and Allegations

It is challenging to reconcile Alyssa Mercante's allegations of "dehumanizing" behavior, especially when the discussions are grounded in factual evidence. The irony is particularly strong given her position as a journalist at Kotaku, a platform expected to uphold journalistic standards and integrity.

Her history of avoiding the full story for her audience now seems compounded by an attempt to silence the truth about her actions.

Singled Out

Of all the channels covering Alyssa Mercante's indiscretions, it is noteworthy that she has chosen to single me out. This selective targeting implies a threat to silence me, a tactic I do not take lightly.

I will not be bullied off this platform. Instead, I will continue to pursue the truth, shedding light on issues within the video game industry for the betterment of the community.

Upcoming Coverage

I will continue to cover this ongoing story, providing additional information, facts, and screenshots to substantiate my points further. The process is exhausting, but my commitment to uncovering the truth remains unwavering, no matter how much a crybully tried to push me off the platform.

Direct Messages

In addition to public inferences, Alyssa Mercante has also sent direct messages containing serious aggression and threats. Below, I am sharing the screenshot of her DMs to provide transparency and context to the situation. I have never responded to her via DM. This is entirely her:

The video game industry deserves transparency and honesty from those who care about the games being made and report on it. My goal has always been to provide accurate, truthful coverage, even when it involves challenging powerful voices within the industry. I stand by my reporting and will continue to uphold the principles of my own integrity, regardless of her continued attempts to silence me.

I will delve deeper into this story and present more evidence to support my claims. Thank you for your continued support and dedication to seeking the truth.

If you haven't already done so and are moved by this message, please consider signing my petition to #EndKotaku for the betterment of video game journalism: Sign here!


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This is the very definition of censorship. Just make sure you hang on to those receipts, Smash. Stay strategic and safe. 👍♥️


Mercante has lost it. I don't understand why she continues her ACTUAL harassment campaign. Going after the livelihood and source of finance of your opponent is a pathetic and cowardly attempt to avoid verbal and civil debate. If she really wants to set the record straight, she and you would have a live debate, right there and then, I would give her credit if she bothers to eventually do that, but not raising my respect for her if she does. At this rate she has proved how little journalistic intent she actually has, she just needs to leave the public eye.


May 18

I wish you the very best in your battle poeple like this have been where they are for too long and need to be replaced with someone with morals.

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