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Alyssa Mercante is Actively Trying To Get My SDCC Press Badge BANNED...

She just can't help herself... Alyssa Mercante's Latest Cancel Campaign: Jealousy and Hypocrisy

Alyssa Mercante, Senior Editor at Kotaku, has decided to launch a cancel campaign against me following my tweet about receiving my Press badges for San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) on Twitter.

Despite our mutual blocks on social media, Mercante has taken the extra step to stalk my profile and share a photo of my badges, alongside some seriously hateful messages, igniting a wave of responses from her followers aimed at discrediting my credentials.

Mercante's tweet reads:

"Just hope SDCC is aware of how many press folks attending the con this man has harassed/slandered!!"

Furthermore, she added,

"If I was attending this year I would have been appalled to walk into the press lounge and see the man who makes thumbnails of me and my colleagues’ cleavage for his videos in which he calls us whores! Just saying!"

This sparked a flurry of replies from her followers, some of whom began tagging associated outlets like Paramount+, spreading falsehoods and attempting to cancel my access to the convention. The irony here is incredible—Mercante, who now claims I have harassed and slandered others, seems to be projecting her insecurities and jealousy onto me. If anything, this is what SHE has been doing for the better part of her career, and I have been reacting to her instabilities.

As regular viewers of my channel know, my video commentary has always been about analyzing industry "professionals", (and I use that term extremely loosely here) including what Mercante, publicly says and does. She has not been representing gamers or the video game industry in the best (or most professional) light.

Perhaps it's time for her to introspect and improve herself instead of launching cancel campaigns against those she perceives as more successful. Mercante's behavior is not just hypocritical; it's a blatant display of the double standards she operates under.

Her tweet, "If I was attending this year I would have been appalled to walk into the press lounge and see..." strikes a particularly hypocritical note. She portrays herself in a certain light on social media, often sharing provocative images that may make viewers uncomfortable.

In contrast, let's take a quick look at how she has professionally publicly handled herself on social media to remind ourselves who we are dealing with...

Trigger warning: The following photos may be unsettling to some viewers.

Moreover, her accusation that I "make thumbnails of me and my colleagues’ cleavage for his videos in which he calls us whores!" is quite odd. She has previously referred to herself as a "camgirl" in her own words...

I have never called you a "whore". That's libel, Alyssa. The image you present to the public can and WILL be used against you. I've called you a former cam girl, just as you refer to yourself here:

Is it not acceptable for others to reference her own terminology while she feels free to disparage others? Or did she forget about informing the world of her past? Either way, it omnce again screams about a lack of accountability.

Regardless of Mercante's attempts to bully me away from attending the convention, I and my family are still eagerly anticipating SDCC 2024. It is a highlight of our year, filled with fantastic people, enjoyable experiences, and unforgettable memories. While Mercante continues her tirade online, others in the video game industry will continue to surpass her.

It's also worth noting that her campaign against me starkly contrasts her own behavior at events like the afterparties of Summer Game Fest, where she's not conducted herself with any professionalism.

In the end, it is clear that Mercante's actions are driven by jealousy and an inability to handle the success of others. As we gear up for SDCC, her attempts to derail our excitement only highlight the pettiness and hypocrisy she embodies. Ironically, yet another reminder that people like her, need to find the proper space to fill in their preferred medium. Conventions are for everyone, regardless of who gets along with who.

This is embarrassing, Kotaku. Though let's be honest, you're used to this feeling by now.


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melissa arcante, you are one of the least compelling bipeds to have ever stollen oxygen from the blue marble, ever. Take a good looke in the mirror. Like I’ve said before, that face is like a unflushed toilet with the lid left open.


Gross. If Kotaku could only recognize how much damage this one person has done to them their decision what to do about her would be perfectly clear.


Geeez, Mercunte is up to her dastardly old tricks as usual ! I guess she must be one jealous Nutbag or she is on that time of the month again LMAO


Jun 30

Oh the irony to have an Orwell quote and to embody the evil he was speaking about.


Mercunte hit the wall long ago. IT is balder and fatter than the guy IT is with in the picture - what a disgusting fat ugly ass, no wonder why IT never had any succes as a cam-slut... LOL

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