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Alyssa Mercante Plays Victim Card In Elden Ring DLC Review... Huh?

The Heights of Pettiness: A Response to Alyssa's Latest Kotaku Article

Gonna keep talking about me? I'll keep talking about you. I can do this all day, Alyssa.

She's reached a new low (mandatory way to begin these). Alyssa’s recent Kotaku article, which masquerades as a review of "Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree," has reached unprecedented levels of obsession, pettiness, and personal attacks against what I could only imagine was directed squarely at yours truly.

Her "piece" not only deflects and wanders away from genuine game critique, but also highlights her inability to self-reflect amidst her ongoing vendetta against content creators like myself. Her actions and words reveal more about her own brokenness inside than any supposed 'shortcomings' she attributes to others.

Alyssa’s attempts to paint herself as a perpetual victim are nothing new, but the extent to which she has gone is truly remarkable.

Her history of personal attacks on my life, including contacting my wife in a misguided attempt to disrupt our marriage, is a clear indication of her inability to respect personal boundaries.

There was no other conceivable reason for her to do this except to cause harm and create discord... and hope to get us divorced. Pretty f-ing messed up.

Then we had her gleeful support for having my website taken down, coupled with her constant threats of lawsuits, showcases a pattern of vindictive behavior. The pinnacle of her pettiness, however, lies in her decision to spread my real legal name online, a tactic that psychos use specifically designed to provoke her followers into harassing my place of work and personal life. This is not just unprofessional; it’s dangerous and malicious. Not just for me, but for the misguided folks thinking they were doing an honorable thing.

In her Kotaku article, Alyssa continues her self-victimization narrative. She writes:

"I have spent nearly four months as the subject of a near-endless harassment campaign. It feels, at times, like logging on for a day of work is akin to walking through a boss door over and over again."

The comparison of receiving online criticism to battling a game’s DLC is not only a weak analogy but also an indication of her inability to separate personal feelings from professional responsibilities. She probably thought this was a banger of an idea before putting pen to paper, but in reality, it ended up just showing the world how juvenile she really is.

She continues:

"Much like how it feels to receive near-endless hate comments from anonymous accounts or angry middle-aged men, I face Shadow of the Erdtree entirely alone,"

It's a blatant exaggeration that undermines the real issues of harassment. By equating her experiences with the challenges in a video game, she trivializes both the seriousness of any potential online harassment and the genuine efforts of those who critique her work on its merits.

Her article is another reminder of her continued unprofessionalism and obsession with personal vendettas. Instead of apologizing and making things right, she continues to double down on being wrong, and with each move, looks worse and worse in the public eye.

Instead of focusing on delivering insightful game reviews, she uses her platform to air grievances and attack fellow content creators. This behavior not only damages her credibility, but also... detracts from the quality of the gaming journalism community.

Alyssa, it’s time to take a step back and reflect. The gaming community deserves better than your personal attacks disguised as game reviews. If you want to be taken seriously as a journalist, focus on your craft and leave your personal vendettas out of your professional work.

The gaming world is vast and exciting, filled with stories worth telling and games worth exploring.

Let’s keep the focus there, where it belongs. I am once again begging you, please... write your game guides to avoid looking this stupid.


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Her face looks like an unflushed toilet with the lid left open.


I would have to agree with most out there and that is that Alyssa Mercante is an Absolute Narcassisstic Wackjob whom can't seem to keep her Big gob shut at all because she continiously runs her mouth off like some skitsofrenic retard whom can't seem to dissern the make-believe world from the Real world,which is quite the canundrum indeed 😂 But,what makes this matter a problem is that this Unhinged- Nutbag of a girl never truelly thinks of the consequences of her actions because she thinks it's okay to pull all the Illegal shit she wants without there being any type of consequences at all and all I can to say to Alyssa is- Be careful with the dangerous pat…


“Near endless harassment campaign”

Lmao bullcrap


Gotta say I find this woman insufferable to the point I can't even watch videos of her speaking specifically for people roasting her, though I can still read about it.

A permanent victim unable to see anything but herself, she's the PERFECT example of what's wrong with society today. Why anyone puts up with her is beyond my understanding.

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