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Alyssa Mercante Turns Her Insanity Into a Joke

Alyssa Mercante's 4D Chess Move: Turning 'Contacting Someone's Wife' Into a Joke instead of being accountable.

Uh man... where do I even begin with this one...

Narratives on social media can shift as quickly as the latest trending hashtag to try and remain relevant. Recently, the infamous Alyssa Mercante has embarked on her cringy journey to try and change a narrative surrounding how she was completely out of line in contacting a family member. Clearly, she will do anything but the right thing and apologize, you know, be accountable... That thing.

This move involved her teaming up with friends and allies in the entertainment industry to turn the phrase 'contacting someone's wife' into a joke... A joke that no one is laughing at, but then again, these are the same people who don't understand comedy and go out of their way to cancel it, so... it's expected.

The Origin of the Controversy

The controversy began when Mercante, known for kicking up shit just for people to notice her, found herself embroiled controversy once again when she reached out to my wife on Facebook via DM.

Personal boundaries were crossed. Instead of simply accepting responsibility and apologizing for being out of line, she has continued to push the issue into where we are now. The phrase 'contacting someone's wife' became a focal point of her conversation to shift, attempting to turn it into a joke so that she doesn't come across as stupid as she currently looks to everyone.

A Strategic Shift in Narrative

In an attempt to control the damage and possibly deflect criticism, Mercante has taken to social media to reframe the situation. Her approach has been as simple as turning the controversial phrase into a joke.

  1. Social Media Rampage: Mercante has been aggressively tweeting about the issue, often in a humorous or mentally unhinged tone. By doing so, she aims to dilute the seriousness of the situation and make light of the backlash she received, or by tugging at the heartstrings of those close to her, worried that she really did fall off the deep end this time.

  2. Merchandise: Taking things a step further, Mercante has started promoting T-shirts emblazoned with the controversial phrase. This move not only monetizes the controversy but also embeds the joke into the cultural fabric of her audience. Even selling for charity makes a mockery of her missteps, and she knows this.

  3. Industry Allies: Mercante's friends and colleagues in the gaming industry have rallied around her, joining in the mockery and laughter. Their collective efforts help to amplify the new narrative, positioning it as a light-hearted jest rather than a serious ethical breach.

  4. Altruistic Positioning: In her tweets and public statements, Mercante has positioned herself as an altruistic figure, someone who is merely trying to bring levity to an otherwise tense situation. This portrayal seeks to disarm critics and paint any offense taken as overreaction.

Is It Working Though?

For now, this strategy seems to be working. The laughter and mockery have created a new narrative that is gaining traction. However, this approach raises several critical questions:

  • Ethical Considerations: Is it appropriate to trivialize a serious issue by turning it into a joke? The attempt to change the narrative in this way might be seen as dismissive of the underlying ethical concerns.

  • Long-Term Effects: While the immediate response might favor Mercante, the long-term implications are all but certain. Her reputation is ruined and the walls are closing in. Kotaku is not long for this planet.

  • Industry Standards: What does this say about the standards and practices within the gaming journalism industry? The willingness of industry peers to join in the mockery could indicate a broader issue of accountability... Something I've been exploring deeply as of late... and oh boy does that rabbit hole go far.

Still No Accountability. Shocker.

Alyssa Mercante's latest maneuver to turn 'contacting someone's wife' into a joke is a bold move, Cotten. It highlights the power of social media and the influence of collective narrative-shaping within the gaming industry. Take James Davis, for example, a producer and writer that has worked at Activision, Blizzard, Naughty Dog, and Rooster Teeth.

As much as some may laugh at her atrocious journalism, credit where it is due, she understands very well how to manipulate the thinking of the masses. It's exactly what got her the job at Kotaku in the first place.

While this strategy might offer temporary relief from criticism, it opens up a broader discussion about ethics, accountability, and the role of humor in serious matters.

It'll be interesting to see whether this 4D chess move will secure Mercante's relevance or ultimately undermine her credibility. One thing's for sure, if history has taught us anything, people that act like this, rarely remain relevant for too long.

Also - if you haven't already, please consider signing the #EndKotaku petition here, we are almost to 4,000 signatures! Kotaku has failed to act or reprimand Alyssa's actions, and it speaks volumes for the type of organization Kotaku is and the people they choose to employ.


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Where can I get one of them Alyssa Mercante BMed my toilet shirts, or maybe a poster.

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