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Alyssa Mercante Website HACKED: A Lesson In Hypocrisy & Consequences

Alyssa Mercante and the Curious Case of the Domain Name: A Lesson in Hypocrisy and Consequences

This is just too funny...

The recent saga involving Alyssa Mercante and her sister's domain name,, has captured the attention of much of the internet and gaming culture. For those unfamiliar, Alyssa Mercante recently took to Twitter to express her frustration over an individual purchasing her sister's domain name and using it to "harass" her and her sister. According to Mercante:

"Some chud paid for my sister's domain name and is emailing her and me for comment on 'my actions.' Anyway tell me again how this isn't a harassment campaign comprised of obsessive losers with too much free time."

It's a fascinating scenario to witness in real-time, especially considering the apparent hypocrisy in Mercante's statement. To be clear (yet again!) I do not condone anyone harassing Alyssa Mercante or her family members... but the irony of the situation is undeniably hysterical.

This situation is a reminder of the consequences of one's actions, and it’s impressive to see Mercante's inability to recognize the repercussions of her behavior... Proving just how disillusioned and mentally unhinged she really is.

The Incident

Someone has taken it upon themselves to purchase the domain name and use it as a tool to contact both Alana and Alyssa Mercante. The individual behind this action is reportedly emailing the sisters, seeking comments on Alyssa's actions, on if she felt like it was ok to contact my wife over an internet dispute.

While again, it's essential to acknowledge that targeting family members in disputes is both inappropriate and unacceptable... Mercante's reaction to the incident is pure comedy gold.

The Hypocrisy

Alyssa Mercante's claim that this "harassment" campaign is driven by "obsessive losers with too much free time" is particularly striking. It suggests a complete lack of any introspection whatsoever and an unwillingness to consider how her actions might have contributed to the current situation that she is now facing.

Mercante has been involved in numerous online disputes, some of which have escalated to the point of involving others, including her critics' family members.

What's on the Site?

As of now, the only thing posted on the site is a link to Alyssa's Tweet that states:

Quick thing: doxing is not reaching out to someone’s significant other and sending a polite message.
Doxing is posting someone’s home address. Thanks!

  • Under Alana Mercante it states: Restoring Ethics in Gaming Journalism!

  • Under "Featured Articles" it says: " Factchecks and other articles coming soon..."

It's not uncommon for individuals in the public eye to face backlash for their actions, especially when those actions are perceived as unjust or harmful. In Mercante's case, her involvement in various controversies may have led some to believe that purchasing her sister's domain name was a form of poetic justice or retribution. While professionally I'd say this is not an appropriate or mature response, it... does certainly highlight the consequences of one's actions.

Alyssa Mercante's inability to see the irony in her situation speaks volumes about her understanding of the consequences of her actions. Actions, especially in the public domain, can have far-reaching effects that people like Alyssa may not immediately recognize, but is hopefully learning as we go.

The curious case of Alyssa Mercante and her sister's domain name is a fascinating example of how actions and reactions can spiral out of control.

Kotaku is a mess

While her employer Kotaku has yet to publicly state any reprimanding for her actions, and in some cases, even defended her... it may have swung the internet into taking a response on for them. This is unfortunately what happens in a public space when an employer refuses to acknowledge or act appropriately to correct the issue. Let me take this moment to once again remind you that I have a petition going to #EndKotaku and it has already surpassed 3,500 signatures. If you haven't already, please consider signing the petition here.

While it's crucial to condemn any form of harassment, it's equally important to recognize the broader implications of one's behavior and the potential for unintended consequences. Only through understanding and addressing the root causes of such conflicts can we hope to create a more positive and constructive digital environment for everyone.

Shout out to MasteroftheTDS for the heads up on this story!



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