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An Update on the Troubled Intellivision Amico. Bankruptcy Imminent?

As a longtime observer of the gaming industry, I've seen consoles rise and fall, companies flourish and flounder. The Intellivision Amico is one such case study, a console filled with promise yet plagued by troubles.

Intellivision Amico possible Bankruptcy conversation
My text conversation with Phil Adam, CEO of Intellivision

Today, I had a brief conversation via text with Phil Adam, CEO of Intellivision, who assured me that an update on the console's status would be coming next week. But as with all things Amico, the promise of an update prompts more questions than it provides answers... and in patented Phil fashion, he was busy 'traveling with family' and didn't have any time to chat.

A Message from the Top

Adam could have easily ignored my text, sidestepping a potentially awkward exchange. Instead, he responded, affirming that the company would indeed be providing an update. But one cannot help but wonder: Is this a genuine promise of transparency, or another attempt to kick the proverbial can down the road?

Phil Adam talks Intellivision Amico Bankruptcy
Those consoles are on their way! Any day now! Right, Phil?

Given Intellivision's recent financial struggles and the Amico's troubled history, this update could signify anything. While we hope for news of progress, there's an uneasy sense that it could just as easily be an announcement of the inevitable Intellivision Amico bankruptcy.

The Ghost of Amico Past

Tommy Tallarico, the President of Intellivision, has seemingly disappeared from the public eye. For a man who was once a constant presence on social media, his silence is deafening.

Tallarico, known for his vivacious personality and relentless self-promotion, is now back touring with Video Games Live (VGL).

Intellivision Amico Bankruptcy
Good guy Tommy Tallarico. Scammin' with a smile since 1973

It's as if he's trying to distance himself from the Intellivision Amico, leaving many to speculate about his ongoing role and commitment to the troubled console.

Intellivision Amico Bankruptcy On The Way?

The Intellivision Amico stands as a stark reminder of the challenges inherent in launching a new console. Amidst a nostalgia-fueled retro gaming boom, the console promised a return to simpler times. Yet, its journey has been anything but straightforward.

As we await the promised update, it's hard not to feel a sense of trepidation. Will we see a triumphant turnaround, or will the Amico become another sad chapter in the annals of gaming history?

One thing is certain: I'm not getting my hopes up anymore. Their Twitter has been inactive for over a year, John Alvarado, the lead engineer is MIA, and the offices are empty. The saga of the Intellivision Amico has been riddled with twists, turns, and disappointments. While we all (well... most?) want to see a success story, it's prudent to temper expectations.

Whatever the update brings, we'll be watching closely. Here's to hoping for the best, but preparing for all eventualities. The tale of the Intellivision Amico serves as a cautionary tale for the gaming industry. And for us observers, it's a stark reminder that in the world of gaming, nothing is guaranteed until the console is in our hands.


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