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Apple Launches Vision Pro, An EXPENSIVE New Era in VR

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Apple Vision Pro VR is the latest mixed-reality device to enter the immersive experience landscape.

Apple has finally revealed its eagerly awaited mixed reality device, the Vision Pro. This pioneering piece of technology, which the company refers to as its inaugural spatial computer, is set to retail at $3,499 upon its initial release in the United States in early 2024. It will later be introduced in other global markets in the course of the year.

The Vision Pro seeks to push the boundaries of human-computer interaction by providing a limitless platform for applications that surpasses the confines of a standard display. Apple touts a revolutionary 3D user interface that uses a user’s eyes, hands, and voice as the primary input tools.

The Vision Pro is powered by visionOS, the first-ever spatial operating system, marking a new era in the digital user experience. This innovative operating system enables users to interact with digital content in a manner that gives a sense of physical presence within their environment.

Apple Vision Pro VR screenshot
Apple Vision Pro VR looks to present a totally immersive experience to the end user

Apple's Vision Pro showcases an innovative design that includes a top-tier display system offering a massive 23 million pixels across dual screens. It also employs Apple silicon with a novel dual-chip design, aimed at creating an immersive real-time experience that appears to occur directly in the user's field of vision.

The Vision Pro is set to take gaming to another level with over 100 Apple Arcade games accessible on the platform. In addition, it provides compatibility with widely used game controllers, such as the PlayStation 5’s DualSense pad.

Repeatedly charging devices can often be a pain point for users. However, the Vision Pro mitigates this issue with an external battery that provides up to two hours of use when unplugged and fully charged... and it fits in the pocket of the user so that it doesn't add any weight to the headset.

Apple Launches Vision Pro VR
A glance at how Apple Vision Pro VR is put together

Mike Rockwell, Apple’s vice president of the Technology Development Group, expressed his pride in the Vision Pro. He stated:

Creating our first spatial computer demanded innovation across virtually every component of the system. We have succeeded in creating a standalone spatial computer, compact and wearable, that is the most sophisticated personal electronics device to date, thanks to the seamless integration of hardware and software.

As Apple unveils its groundbreaking $3,500 mixed reality headset, Vision Pro, it reinforces its commitment to pushing the frontiers of technology and innovation. While extremely pricy at first glance, this device may actually be worth it. Are you laughing at the price, or considering buying one?


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Jun 06, 2023

while i am really excited for this new tech, and i love apple products in general, if VR and "spatial computing" are ever going to catch on in the mainstream, it needs to be accessible. Some company is going to have to loss lead a device like this based on future software sales or subscriptions. If we are ever going to achieve the Ready Player One future, this kind of tech needs to be accessible to virtually everyone from the homeless up. They need to be handing these out to kids in schools and offering affordable payment options through carriers where you can get the device for 20 bucks a month on contract. Nobody except the very wealthy, and uber…


Blaise Anderson
Blaise Anderson
Jun 05, 2023

Way over priced. I wish them luck.

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