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Boogie2988 Caught Plagiarizing TheTalentlessWriter

Boogie2988's Plagiarism Controversy: A Fan's Perspective and a Serious Issue in Content Creation

The recent controversy involving Boogie2988, a figure I've long admired in the YouTube community, has been a tough pill to swallow. His alleged plagiarism of content from @TalentlessWrite not only casts a shadow on his integrity but also resonates personally with me, recalling my own past experiences with content imitation.

A Fan's Disappointment

As someone who's always been a huge fan of Boogie2988, the revelation of these allegations was particularly jarring. His recent decision to follow me on Twitter had me over the moon; after all, Boogie is a legend in the YouTube world.

However, the joy of this personal milestone is overshadowed by the disappointment in these recent events. Plagiarism, as we've seen time and again, can be a fatal blow to a creator's career and credibility.

The Video In Question

Amid the plagiarism controversy, the content of Boogie2988's video itself has become a focal point. The video discussed a topic that's been trending in the YouTube community lately: why many prominent creators are choosing to leave the platform. This theme gained traction especially after MatPat and Tom Scott announced their departures following lengthy and successful YouTube careers. The subject is certainly relevant and has been explored by numerous creators, making it a hot topic for discussion:

However, the striking similarity of Boogie2988's video to one created by TheTalentlessWriter raises serious concerns. TheTalentlessWriter uploaded a now-unlisted video (above) that juxtaposed the two videos, showcasing the parallels between them. The comparison, according to viewers, made it seem almost indisputable that Boogie2988's content was not just inspired by but closely mirrored TheTalentlessWriter's video, to the point of verbatim replication. This side-by-side analysis not only heightened the accusations against Boogie2988 but also sparked a conversation about the ethics of content creation, especially among high-profile YouTubers who are expected to set standards for originality and creativity in the community.

Deleted Tweet and Its Implications

Adding to the complexity of the situation is Boogie2988's deletion of an earlier tweet where he had expressed plans to take down the video under scrutiny.

This action, especially given his claim of never having watched @TalentlessWrite's content, raises serious questions. It seems to contradict his stance on the originality of his work and implies a potential admission of guilt.

Personal Connection and Empathy

My empathy lies with @TalentlessWrite in this scenario, as I've been in a similar position. Years ago, I felt that my content was replicated by another creator, Dreamcastguy.

These videos discussed a hot topic at the time, the Nintendo Switch and cracking plastic - which, on the surface, no big deal... But divbing deeper, the points made were all the same, just minimally reworded. Could it be a coincidence? Hey anything is possible. Regardless, I faced bullying and threats to be blackballed by some larger channels when I spoke out and brought attention to it, leading me to remove my video showing the comparison, only to be blackballed by the community regardless. While I'd like to think I've moved on from this situation (now 5 years ago), the experience left a lasting impact, highlighting the challenges creators face in protecting their work and standing up for their rights.

A Larger Conversation in the YouTube Community

This incident with Boogie2988 occurs amid a broader discourse on plagiarism on YouTube, notably highlighted by Hbomberguy's recent video exposing numerous plagiarists on the platform. It underscores how serious and prevalent this issue is and the need for a collective effort to address it within the creator community.

A Critical Moment for Boogie2988

Boogie2988 stands at a critical juncture in his YouTube career. As a fan, it's heartbreaking to see a creator you admire caught in such a predicament. However, plagiarism is an indefensible act in content creation, carrying severe repercussions. This situation should serve as a wake-up call for Boogie and a reminder to all creators about the importance of originality, integrity, and the consequences of failing to uphold these values in their work. This shit needs to stop. NOW.


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I have been playing WoW on and off since launch and known about this guy it seems like forever now. Wish him the best in life but just never was a fan.

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