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Call of Duty Nintendo Switch Launch Possibly Leaked

Thanks to our friends over at, we have some juicy details on a Call of Duty title FINALLY making its way to the Nintendo Switch.

Vasilis Artemov was searching the official call of Duty website for any references of Nintendo found in the code and here’s what he’s found:


”...I decided to check the site’s resources once again. Searching the word ‘Nintendo’, I discovered something new. The word ‘Nintendo Switch’ has been added to the code with something pointing towards support of the Switch’s 720p screen resolution. I have no expertise or coding experience but I know for sure that that detail wasn’t there a few months ago.

The code ‘nxdock’ also shows that this has something to do with the Switch Dock. This is not random.”

The above screenshot shows some pretty convincing evidence that Call of Duty is indeed heading to the Nintendo Switch, and most likely soon!

What do you think about this intel? Are you excited about the prospect of taking COD on the go?

Smash JT video coverage:


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