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Diablo 4 Review Roundup: Another BANGER of ARPG

This Diablo 4 review roundup takes a closer look at some early reviews are in and my goodness does it look promising!

Diablo 4 Review Roundup: Another BANGER of ARPG
Unbelievable graphics have become the norm in the Diablo series

Blizzard's much-awaited ARPG sequel, Diablo 4, has finally hit the shelves and it has received an overwhelmingly positive response. The game faithfully evokes the nostalgia associated with its predecessors, while presenting a more modern, finely-tuned, and sophisticated gaming experience. This review roundup takes a comprehensive look at the different elements of the game, acknowledging its strengths and its relatively minor flaws. But first, take a look at these scores from Shinobi on Twitter:

Diablo 4's core mechanics adhere to the classic formula that has propelled the franchise into legendary status. It doesn't drastically revolutionize the Action Role Playing Game (ARPG) genre, but the improvements, modifications, and enhancements it introduces elevate this installment to potentially being the best Diablo game yet.

The combat system is robust and engaging, with extensive build options across all classes. You'll be thoroughly absorbed in mastering hotkey-bound abilities, optimizing Damage Per Second (DPS), and improving your character's survivability. Despite the lack of a groundbreaking narrative, the dungeon crawling, enemy slaying, and loot hunting remain extremely enjoyable.

Diablo 4 Review Roundup: Another BANGER of ARPG
Unique characters and outfits

That said, don't expect Diablo 4 to shock the ARPG world with massive innovations. Blizzard seems to have played it safe with smart, if not unexpected, changes to the formula. However, these strategic changes have resulted in an excellently designed game that succeeds at nearly everything it attempts.

The narrative in Diablo 4 sees a marked improvement from the previous installment. The quest to find and stop Lilith, the daughter of a Prime Evil, is a compelling starting point that hooks you in, making multiple playthroughs still engaging. The narrative quality isn't flawless, though. The story sometimes veers off into tangential, filler-laden errands, making the narrative feel disjointed. The payoff doesn't quite land either, which could leave some players feeling a tad underwhelmed.

Diablo 4 Review Roundup: Another BANGER of ARPG
Classic Diablo spells with enhanced graphics

The game shines in the department of graphics and sound design. The CGI cutscenes and detailed, corruption-ridden environments bring Sanctuary to life in all its grotesque glory. The soundtrack is also notable, enhancing the immersion with a mix of voice acting and atmospheric demon roars.

Diablo 4's five character classes, namely Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, and Sorcerer, offer diverse playstyles and strategies. The class-specific mechanics unlocked throughout the campaign further differentiate each class, leading to unique playthrough experiences. Gear collection and the impact it has on your character's development is another well-executed feature, often causing interesting build modifications.

Diablo 4 Review Roundup: Another BANGER of ARPG
Diablo mech FTW

Diablo 4 truly shines in its endgame and progression design. The rewarding grind, well-thought-out activities, and live-service model mean that there's a ton of content to look forward to even after you've finished the main storyline.

Per many review outlets, Diablo 4 has emerged as a fantastic sequel that does justice to the revered franchise. It's not perfect – per IGN, the narrative could be more cohesive, and a few bugs need fixing – but these issues are minor in the grand scheme of things. Diablo 4 successfully refines the series' winning formula, resulting in a highly polished ARPG. It may not have reinvented the genre, but its sophisticated combat, enticing loot chase, impressive aesthetics, and deep endgame make it a highly rewarding journey through the depths of Hell.


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