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EON Gaming XBHD: A Revolutionary Xbox HDMI Adapter?

EON XBHD Xbox HDMI Adapter
It looks pretty, I'll give them that.

EON Gaming, revered for its HDMI adapters for Nintendo GameCube and N64, has raised the bar yet again. This time, they've set their sights on the Microsoft landscape, unveiling the XBHD, an innovative HDMI adapter tailored for the original Xbox. The EON Gaming XBHD Xbox HDMI Adapter.

This announcement ushers in a new era of possibilities for Xbox enthusiasts longing for a seamless bridge between their beloved retro console and the modern realm of high-definition televisions.

The XBHD, set to hit CastlemaniaGames shelves on June 20, 2023, is a testament to plug-and-play simplicity, paving the way for unimpeded gaming on contemporary TV screens. However, the XBHD's capabilities don't stop at facilitating an upgrade in display quality. This adapter also heralds a significant advancement in audio-visual tech, offering not one but two HDMI video outputs, a Mini-TOSLINK audio jack, and three LAN ports.

The dual HDMI output facilitates an expanded scope of display options, while the Mini-TOSLINK audio jack is poised to revolutionize in-game sound. EON has stated that the Mini-TOSLINK is equipped to deliver "clean digital audio", whether it's through headphones, speakers, or even capture cards. This promises a significant boost in audio fidelity, enhancing immersion for gamers and streamers alike.

EON XBHD Xbox HDMI Adapter
The LAN feature saves this thing from being complete overpriced garbage (Image Credit: EON Gaming)

The inclusion of three LAN ports, however, is the aspect that truly makes the XBHD stand out. A noticeable feature visible in the provided image, these LAN ports open up a realm of possibilities for hosting LAN parties. In an era where original Xbox servers have long since been decommissioned, this feature is a nostalgic nod to gaming's past while offering the practicality needed for today's gaming landscape.

Assembling a LAN party for titles like the iconic Halo 2 has never been easier. Gamers can now relive the golden days of early 2000s gaming, bringing together friends for an authentic local multiplayer experience. The XBHD, thus, serves as an intriguing blend of old and new, wrapping up nostalgia, simplicity, and cutting-edge tech in one elegant package.

EON XBHD Xbox HDMI Adapter
That near $200 price tag makes me think of Homer's overpriced car

EON has announced that the XBHD will retail at $189.99 exclusively from good friend of the channel, Ryan at CastlemaniaGames. Use code SMASH10 to save 10% on certain purchases. Keep in mind this may be disabled for certain preorders and limited edition items.

This MSRP price point makes it slightly pricier than the GCHD MK-II or the Super 64 HDMI adapter, coming in at $30 more. However, given its feature set, this additional cost COULD BE potentially justifiable, particularly for those seeking a seamless integration of the original Xbox into today's digital age. ~Smash

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Jason Rushing
Jason Rushing
Jun 22, 2023

If I had friends I would probably get one of these lol! And no band members ARE NOT FRIENDS!!!...cough

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